So yeah, have you ever made a profile on that site? I like it, but they have questions to answer to help improve your matches and you select how important to you the answer is. They do some voodoo math and decided how compatible you are with other people as a result. I am completely addicted to answering those questions. I could spend all day there.

I have serious problems with the questions however. For instance, "Would you consider dating someone who works in porn?" How the hell does one answer this? I would consider anything, especially for a person I loved. Plus there is always another side to the story and I reserve judgment. However, I'm not looking for someone who works in porn. If I answer no, I'm a prude, if I answer yes, I come across as much much kinkier than I am.

I am a very open and open minded person. Every long term relationship I have been in has been with a completely different person. I have a hard time pinning down my type judging from the men I have been with in the past. As a result I am completely open to different. I have no idea who my ideal is. It could be anybody and I'm not about to limit myself or anyone else by saying if his answer isn't such-n-such he is out.

anyway, I really should get off the internet :) Soon I will post pics of recently completed Christmas gifts on Ravelry, but lately, I just haven't sat at my computer long enough to upload pics.

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