stop and take a breath

Whew. Time to stop and rest. I bailed on my knitting group last night so I could go to bed early, but it didn't work out that way anyway.

Since my last post I have had three dates with someone that while we enjoy each others company we have decided not to get romantic. I really do think he is a cool guy and I hope we manage to keep a friendship.

Dating is just so bizarre to me. I've never been much of a "dater" most of my relationships have sprung from friendships. A friend of mine compared online dating to interviewing for a new position. You reviewed their resume, had an interview or two and it tends to suck the romance right out of it. Just how in the hell does anyone get this to work?

On the other hand, it is not easy to meet new people when you are an adult. Most of your time is spent at work, a dangerous pond to be fishing in. Bars are just plain a bad idea.

So what does that leave? Pretty much just your hobbies if you are lucky enough to have a social one. Chances are good you can meet someone who shares interests with you. However, my hobbies are not conducive to finding members of the opposite sex: knitting group, sewing class?
I think I'm just hosed.

However, I am a productive little holiday knitter. Christmas presents are being churned out of me daily it seems and I am so glad. I have never been much of a deadline knitter and it was only last week that I decided or even thought about knitting for more than one person, but I am optimistic.

I have been inspired by the great Elizabeth Zimmerman. I just read Knitting Without Tears and Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac (knitpicks.com is having a book sale through the end of October and I went crazy).

I'm not knitting any of her patterns, but rather have been inspired by her just-do-it attitude. Simple projects and color work have really made some charming things. However to keep from spoiling any holiday surprises only Ravelers will get to see these projects anytime soon.

My yarn choice has also been very helpful in rapid fire project completion. I up sized from my usual worsted projects to Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky and boy does the larger gauge make a difference in speed. I mean, I knew it knitted up faster, but how much faster was a nice surprise.

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Susan said...

In all of the knitting frenzy, don't forget about the dress forms.