Gobble Gobble

Ten after 4am I was waiting in line at the airport this morning. Security was still closed and I was only third in a line almost a block long before it opened 35 minutes later. I am on my way to Missoula, MT to share Thanksgiving with one of my oldest and dearest friends. I haven't seen her since my great-grandmother passed 3 years ago. That weekend she was there for me like no one has ever been there for me. She took care of me physically and emotionally and I never could have done it without her. This visit is long overdue and I am so glad to be going.

I don't think we will be eating a turkey dinner, but we might drink enough wine to drown a submarine. I give thanks for vino.

That said, this Idaho born and raised girl has forgotten what one wears in 40 degree weather. I went looking for hats and scarves to bring. I have a massive mismatching pile of the accessories. When noticing something like this, a knitter thinks, I should make myself a matching set. But it won't happen. There are other people to knit for. Friends, family, holidays and birthdays. Not to mention I have my eyes on Sylvi and that cabled pullover from Fall 2008's Vogue Knitting. When would I make my own matching set.

I completed a hat for my pal Marcus (yes I know you see this Marcus, I don't care) for Christmas. I will be seeing him in December and I couldn't help myself. I don't have it or a picture with me at the airport but a little hint, it's blue and white.

Happy Thanksgiving.



Another Sewing FO

What do you think of my new skirt? Sewing the charmeuse Christmas dress "seamed" (haha) like a bad idea with my current skill level (because I want it to be beautiful!) so I am making some smaller projects first, just to practice. I think I am going to add little pockets to the front because that is one of my biggest issues with skirts, no place to stash my stuff!

Anyway the Christmas Dress is still being thought about, and constantly. I actually cut and pieced together the top out of remnant fabric, like I said I would and it turned out to fit great. I only had to change one tiny little thing, make the arm holes smaller! Smaller (!) did you hear that?

Christmas presents are still being pumped out. Gotta love how quicklyLion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky knits up. My last one, I had absolutely no tension problems in the fair isle. I'm awesome!

But without Huckleberry Jam :)

Edited to add... Oh man, I should have mentioned this skirt was made possible with the help of my super Roomie. I didn't have a zipper for it when I got started, Susan provided me with one and let me be the first to try out her new Bernina zipper foot. Thanks Susan!


Sewing FO!!!

A skirt of my own design. It is a t-shirt knit. Yay me.

Special thanks to my photographer and art director who made me look pretty good for no make up and low light. Thanks Guys!

The Loudest Sign Gas Prices Are Down

Navy jets are back in the air over Point Loma.

FOs suck but awesome future prospect.

You would think (!) that now would be a great time for posting, with so much knitting and sewing going on and all. However, I can't post pictures of presents (my family sees this sometimes people!) and my sewing machine started barfing thread all over the place this week so my own skirt is as yet unfinished. I took my baby to Sew Hut for some tender loving care. She is probably laying back with cucumber over her eyes and mud on her face as we speak getting her gears oiled by some hot man in a thong, spoiled little brat.

Anyway... I will finish it tonight however with the help of roomies momma's singer. Then you will have a FO picture. It doesn't help that right now i am going through and taking down photos for something super exciting. I am going to be writing up some of my personal patterns for my friend Liz who is a sales rep for Lonesome Stone Fibers which could result in a publishing... yay!

eek bad news from home is requiring that I cut this short.

ETA... everything is ok. Friend's mom in the hospital, but they are sending her home tonight. You know what would make me feel better, N. Idaho Huckleberry jam. Just sayin. Wink Wink (you know who you are).


A Productive weekend...

So, I got busy this weekend and pumped out sewing projects. I'm sorry, but you can't see my only FO yet because it is a Christmas present and Ravelry discourages non-yarn project. However, I did photograph and upload most of my recent knitting FOs I keep mentioning but no one gets too see.

My first Bra for my Bra-making class is so close to done I can taste it. By Saturday I'll be finished and I'll share a pic with you all (it's ok because it isn't a Christmas present). I also almost completely finished designing and sewing a skirt. All I have to finish is the hem then you can have some pics.

I traced some pattern pieces for a dress I am going to make myself for Christmas. I saw this GORGEOUS charmeuse (I didn't even know what it was at the time) and had to have it. Then panicked that I didn't have enough and went back for two more yards. The dress I am going to make is New Look pattern 6557 B. However, it doesn't get large enough (hello, curvy lady here) so I have to take the pieces I traced out this weekend and redraft them larger in the right places. I bought some scrap fabric to make a sample, just to see how it fits so I will make the top, then redraft as necessary. I'm probably going to remove the gather under the bust and put in a dart as I want a much smoother silhouette.

Anyway, off to work, but before I go, I got some funny for you...