Another Sewing FO

What do you think of my new skirt? Sewing the charmeuse Christmas dress "seamed" (haha) like a bad idea with my current skill level (because I want it to be beautiful!) so I am making some smaller projects first, just to practice. I think I am going to add little pockets to the front because that is one of my biggest issues with skirts, no place to stash my stuff!

Anyway the Christmas Dress is still being thought about, and constantly. I actually cut and pieced together the top out of remnant fabric, like I said I would and it turned out to fit great. I only had to change one tiny little thing, make the arm holes smaller! Smaller (!) did you hear that?

Christmas presents are still being pumped out. Gotta love how quicklyLion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky knits up. My last one, I had absolutely no tension problems in the fair isle. I'm awesome!

But without Huckleberry Jam :)

Edited to add... Oh man, I should have mentioned this skirt was made possible with the help of my super Roomie. I didn't have a zipper for it when I got started, Susan provided me with one and let me be the first to try out her new Bernina zipper foot. Thanks Susan!

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Susan said...

That skirt is fab! Great job on the zipper, too. Now that you've broken in the new Bernina attachment, I'm ready to give it a go, too.