FOs suck but awesome future prospect.

You would think (!) that now would be a great time for posting, with so much knitting and sewing going on and all. However, I can't post pictures of presents (my family sees this sometimes people!) and my sewing machine started barfing thread all over the place this week so my own skirt is as yet unfinished. I took my baby to Sew Hut for some tender loving care. She is probably laying back with cucumber over her eyes and mud on her face as we speak getting her gears oiled by some hot man in a thong, spoiled little brat.

Anyway... I will finish it tonight however with the help of roomies momma's singer. Then you will have a FO picture. It doesn't help that right now i am going through and taking down photos for something super exciting. I am going to be writing up some of my personal patterns for my friend Liz who is a sales rep for Lonesome Stone Fibers which could result in a publishing... yay!

eek bad news from home is requiring that I cut this short.

ETA... everything is ok. Friend's mom in the hospital, but they are sending her home tonight. You know what would make me feel better, N. Idaho Huckleberry jam. Just sayin. Wink Wink (you know who you are).

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Susan said...

I hope everything is okay....Sew Hut will pamper your sewing machine for sure, except for the hot guy part...I'm not the biggest fan of Mr. You Know who there.