An Inconvenient Truth

I finally saw this movie for the first time. It surprised me after watching a storm chasing show on Discovery so I sat down with a long over-due knitting project and watched it.

I am so Angry I can hardly put it into words, but I'll try. There was nothing new to me in the show. Mind you I studied geology and paleo-climatology. I kinda know some stuff about the climate. Gore didn't say anything crazy. Everything he has said is reasonable and presented in a personable and friendly manner. The data is provided without overwhelming the layman. Gore has presented what is largely difficult to process data into spoon-sized easily digested diagrams.

How much easier can it be made to understand? I get asked a lot, how do you know? How do I know the earth is 4.6 billion years old? How do I know man is having a negative effect on our environment? I suppose there is a certain of amount of faith involved. I know and understand the scientific process which is enough for me to poke holes in experiments and trust scientific study. I understand the isotopes break down at a constant rate although I, myself, have not conducted the experiments of Marie Curie. We all know breathing car exhaust can kill you, though few of know a person it has killed.

If being spoon-fed data in this manner doesn't convince you that the people who know, know, then I really can't help you at all.

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