A super secret christmas present...

So I am sitting at the Airport in San Diego crossing every body part I have that the rain will not have the completely paralyzing effects it usually has on Southern California so I can fly to San Francisco this morning.

Last night was a swarm not only of packing but sewing. I bought some new gray pants at Old Navy to wear on this trip (my first American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, I am so excited). They were wide leg which with my 5'5" frame looks a little ridiculous and they were a little long. Well there are 3 sewing machines and a serger in my apartment, this is completely fixable. And not the way that clothes have been in the past. I buy them and think I will get this altered and it will fit like a dream, then never ever get it altered. I have yet to get anything professionally altered though my closet is completely full of clothes that I bought promising to get it done.

Well, I'm not exactly practiced on the serger having NEVER used it. So My friend Meghan pinned things for me and I passed them off to Susan about the second she walked in the door to take them in from the knee down. Gracious, bestest, roomie that she is she of course immediately changed threads in the serger and went to town (she did a great job, btw). Afterwards I hemmed them but it was with fusible interfacing, no actual sewing. They came out gorgeous. I told her she could put up an FO pic if she wanted, I mean it was a completed project even if it started as ready-to-wear but we were pooped and no picture was taken.

Also, we may have learned wine and zippers do not mix as we tried to put an invisible zipper in my Christmas Dress. A five minute job took us an hour just to get the Bernina (it is the only machine with the special grooved foot in our place) up and running nicely. However, once we got it in, I tried the dress and it looks phenomenal. I need to take in the side seams at the waist just a little bit, hem the bottom then secure the straps and I will have a gorgeous, figure flattering (it is actually a little Marilyn Monroe but in green and slinkier if that is possible) and freezing-ass cold dress for Christmas in North Idaho.

I have been a very good knitting girl and on Friday and Saturday (during An Inconvenient Truth actually) knitted on my cousin's beaded Juno Regina shawl. It really is gorgeous and the pattern is so simple, even with the beads I was able to pick it up and continue knitting without even looking at the chart (which I don't actually know where it is so that is for the best). It is the project I selected to carry to San Francisco (though checked because I would die if I had to remove those needles). Kelley Petkun from the Knit Picks Podcast informed me through one of her Podcasts that lace knitting, if simple enough was the perfect travel project because it uses so little yarn comparatively (hello, laceweight yarn! and it is full of holes!). I have more then enough beads pre-strung to get me through the week. You'll probably get a pic from the hotel room.

Also, one of my super secret Christmas Presents was received by one of my newest friends Jack in Colorado. Jack and I met through the Single Knitters group on Ravelry.com. It has come to our attention that Jack, while being a handknitter had absolutely no handknit hats of his own. We couldn't have that and so I made one for him (actually, I'm not the only one. I'm telling you, all us knitters think alike. Actually, no we don't, but we hate to see someone in need). It also turns out that the hat really couldn't have arrived at a better time as he needed just a little bit of cheering up.

Anyway, look how happy he is!

We love you Jack!

To those of you in North Idaho, keep your noses warm and those getting rained on all week in San Diego, HA HA!

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Susan said...

Wine and Nina don't mix for sure, but Serge seemed unscathed by the fiasco. Glad they came out so nice including your dress...can't wait for pics. Hurry back soon, we all miss you already. (Mr. Man said goodbye to you like 4 times this morning. lol)