July 17th, 2009

I will be at sea. Damnit. Anyway...

Daniel Radcliffe's very first line pisses me off, but other than that, super excited...


Allergic to wool???

So yeah, Sorry Susan, I got interrupted last night...

It turns out I am probably allergic to wool. Devastating I know. And also, how the hell did I not know that with all the wool knitting I do. Well here is the story...

At Thanksgiving in Montana, I was cold. So I made myself a little something to keep warm. Took me all of two hours, fancy colorwork and it just goes around my neck or over my ears. I love it! I wore it all Thanksgiving, then again home for Christmas and now in Seattle. It is made with Wool-Ease chunky. It has been washed several times.

At Christmas, I developed a little rash on my neck. Had my fingers crossed it was the cold and dry weather, I spent a lot of time inside thanks to the pneumonia, so not wearing my awesome neck-warmer and lathered lotion and antihistamine cream on it and it went away.

Now almost the day I got to Seattle, I have developed the exact same rash, in the exact same size and shape as I had at Christmas. By chance, I packed the same antihistamine cream I used at Christmas and nothing is improving. It is cold and I am working outside so I keep wearing my warmer. That is the only thing it can be.

I think it most only be in areas of more sensitive skin, like my neck. I have never worn wool in any place that touched skin. Hats will rub my forehead (which always itches!) and I have rough hands thanks to my job that might be insulating me. For the most part this means nothing. I make outerwear of wool and have never knit anything that doesn't get warn as an outer layer, but still. Now I have to think more about more intimate garments, anything that will touch my skin and not another layer first.

As a knitter, I am devastated.


Back to Seattle, YAY!

So Tuesday night's Think and Drink was canceled because some one wasn't feeling well. As a result, roomie and myself put on several episodes of lost and worked on a sewing project together. It was so awesome. She was making two versions of the same pants in the same size, one for her and one for me. The only real difference being the material. So we split up the work. I traced and cut the pattern she serged. It was so much fun, I would love to work on a project like that again. We promise to take cute FO pics together when I return from Seattle...

Which is where I am now. I am working on board the USCG (US Coast Guard) Healy at pier 39 in downtown Seattle. Right next to Safeco field and Qwest stadium. The position couldn't be any better for going downtown. Even Pyramid Alehouse is just right next door. This ship is huge compared to what I am used to and there are a lot of cute coasties roaming around in blue. I loved it.

However, I am now a little bit grouchy at the USCG. I can't log into Facebook on their internet. I don't know how I can possibly survive until Wednesday without it but I will try. Good thing I got mobile, but it is with limited functionality so I promise I am not ignoring you kids!

Ok so I saw a doctor last week and she prescribed me Chantix to quit smoking. I don't have any cigarettes with me in Seattle but I am setting a new official quit date for February 1st. I will start taking the Chantix a week before.

Also my cholesterol has gone down. I have lost 8lbs since last year. My cholesterol while lower in general is not fixed. Turns out my real problem is my triglycerides which can be influenced by refined sugar and alcohol. Well I don't eat a lot of sugar so guess what, it's got to be the alcohol. Not thrilled about that. I sooo enjoy my beer on the weekends and wine on weekdays. Though I suppose this is a better way to find out you are drinking too much than cirrhosis.

I don't know how I can quit smoking and cut back on my drinking at the same time. We'll have to see how that goes. Especially since I just arrived in Seattle and plan on partying it up with some coasties tonight.



Follow up on Sylvi

So I did think about changing needles sizes, and I haven't washed my swatch yet so I can't commit, but I think I'm gonna stick with the tens and line the jacket to help prevent stretching. Changing needle sizes means more stitches and really this thing is big enough that it means a LOT more stitches.

Thanks to my KAL partner for the idea!


I cast on a swatch for Sylvi Saturday, but I was so unhappy with the swatch I ripped it out and started again. How can a seed stitch swatch be wrong? It was just longer than it needed to be and I wanted to move faster. Also because I didn't have the right size needles I borrowed Roomies KnitPicks Options set which I won't be using for the full project so I really shouldn't use it now.

Anyway, now that I have a smaller swatch I'm a little happier but I am noticing that I don't really care for the gauge I'm getting. I haven't measured it. I don't know if it was I need, but it seems much too "loose". Especially for a coat, that is in stretchy seed stitch.

Here are some details for you...

Sylvi by Mari Muinonen which is available from Twist Collective

I bought the yarn called for Briggs & Little Atlantic in Red Heather which is unusual for me. I bought it off the web without ever having handled it (bad shopper!) and it is much scratchier than I thought it would be. Another reason I'm swatching. I hope washing softens it up.

It is supposed to be knit on size 10s to get 12 sts and 16 rows to 4", but I am probably going down to 9s whether it gets me gauge or not, just for the texture of the fabric, then correct as necessary.


I was stood up and now...

So I had plans this weekend and was stood up. Awesome. So I decided to spend all damn day updating my windows, re-installing World of Warcraft and The Burning crusade while sorting and shredding old documents. I guess I needed too. But I have been missing my friends and wanted to play with them.

Any way it is now 8pm and I have logged into World of Warcraft only to discover my guild's server is locked and I can't play with them. This is one of the worst days alone ever.


I'm a designer on Ravelry!

So I put this pattern on Ravelry ages ago, but today they finally put the pic up so it feels like a "real" pattern!

yay me!

It is the pattern for my Sister's Ribbed Hat Take 2

If you are on Ravelry you can find it here...

Now I need to get to work for Liz and Lonesome Stone Fibers!


So yeah I had a smoking relapse. After two years fresh and clean I started back up. There is no good excuse. And every time quitting gets harder and harder.

There I have come clean. I am quitting again. I would like to say that I have quit again, but I had several this week. Not lots, just some.

Now that that is out of the way I am completely stoked for the new season of Big Love which starts on Sunday. Remind me to set the DVR tonight.

Also, I have been told that the band Angels & Airwaves is a badly repackaged Blink182. I don't care. The more I listen the more I like.

Last thing, car shopping blows.

Everyone feel updated?

Knitting Content: I had to pack for a cruise in April today, sounds early I know, but if I explained it to you it would make sense. I swear. I put 12 skeins of Briggs & Little Atlantic in for Sylvi because it is a 5 week cruise with apparently little to do. I kept two skeins to get started before then. Hopefully I will get started on Monday at Knit Night.

Tonight I am headed to the Downtown San Diego Marriott for some SWTC fun with one of my knitting peeps. I seriously need to get back into the knitting mojo if I'm going to hockey games this season and maybe this will help.

Also, just because I have rediscovered my New Zealand pics (OMG it was gorgeous and I want to go back!) I leave you with a pic of Jon loving Waitaki Valley.


So Sue Me...

So yeah, I been a busy girl and I make no apologies. The holidays rocked minus the pneumonia, everyone loved their knitted items (see kickass picture above). I'm shopping for a car which should be much easier right now than it is, but maybe I'm picky. I got a regular girls play-date on Tuesdays now, yippiee. I'm missing my friends at sea hardcore. Still looking for love, which has it's ups and downs. Planning a work trip to the USCG Healy in Seattle next week, very short notice but stoked to see my sis and cousin. I think it is damn bizarre that the USCG Healy doesn't provide towels, sheets and blankets, but no damn towels. Weird.

My knitting is suffering as a result. My Swapping VD package from the SwappingVD Ravelry group has to be mailed in the first week of February and it is full of awesome goodies but very light on the hand knits. I officially suck as swapper. But I really like the person I got so I hope he/she/it/them likes it.