Allergic to wool???

So yeah, Sorry Susan, I got interrupted last night...

It turns out I am probably allergic to wool. Devastating I know. And also, how the hell did I not know that with all the wool knitting I do. Well here is the story...

At Thanksgiving in Montana, I was cold. So I made myself a little something to keep warm. Took me all of two hours, fancy colorwork and it just goes around my neck or over my ears. I love it! I wore it all Thanksgiving, then again home for Christmas and now in Seattle. It is made with Wool-Ease chunky. It has been washed several times.

At Christmas, I developed a little rash on my neck. Had my fingers crossed it was the cold and dry weather, I spent a lot of time inside thanks to the pneumonia, so not wearing my awesome neck-warmer and lathered lotion and antihistamine cream on it and it went away.

Now almost the day I got to Seattle, I have developed the exact same rash, in the exact same size and shape as I had at Christmas. By chance, I packed the same antihistamine cream I used at Christmas and nothing is improving. It is cold and I am working outside so I keep wearing my warmer. That is the only thing it can be.

I think it most only be in areas of more sensitive skin, like my neck. I have never worn wool in any place that touched skin. Hats will rub my forehead (which always itches!) and I have rough hands thanks to my job that might be insulating me. For the most part this means nothing. I make outerwear of wool and have never knit anything that doesn't get warn as an outer layer, but still. Now I have to think more about more intimate garments, anything that will touch my skin and not another layer first.

As a knitter, I am devastated.


Susan said...

Even though I'm not a big wool user - I'd be devastated by the thought of it, too!

Allison said...

I feel your pain. I am also allergic to wool. I am not so allergic to wool blends though and, thankfully, I am not allergic to alpaca.