Back to Seattle, YAY!

So Tuesday night's Think and Drink was canceled because some one wasn't feeling well. As a result, roomie and myself put on several episodes of lost and worked on a sewing project together. It was so awesome. She was making two versions of the same pants in the same size, one for her and one for me. The only real difference being the material. So we split up the work. I traced and cut the pattern she serged. It was so much fun, I would love to work on a project like that again. We promise to take cute FO pics together when I return from Seattle...

Which is where I am now. I am working on board the USCG (US Coast Guard) Healy at pier 39 in downtown Seattle. Right next to Safeco field and Qwest stadium. The position couldn't be any better for going downtown. Even Pyramid Alehouse is just right next door. This ship is huge compared to what I am used to and there are a lot of cute coasties roaming around in blue. I loved it.

However, I am now a little bit grouchy at the USCG. I can't log into Facebook on their internet. I don't know how I can possibly survive until Wednesday without it but I will try. Good thing I got mobile, but it is with limited functionality so I promise I am not ignoring you kids!

Ok so I saw a doctor last week and she prescribed me Chantix to quit smoking. I don't have any cigarettes with me in Seattle but I am setting a new official quit date for February 1st. I will start taking the Chantix a week before.

Also my cholesterol has gone down. I have lost 8lbs since last year. My cholesterol while lower in general is not fixed. Turns out my real problem is my triglycerides which can be influenced by refined sugar and alcohol. Well I don't eat a lot of sugar so guess what, it's got to be the alcohol. Not thrilled about that. I sooo enjoy my beer on the weekends and wine on weekdays. Though I suppose this is a better way to find out you are drinking too much than cirrhosis.

I don't know how I can quit smoking and cut back on my drinking at the same time. We'll have to see how that goes. Especially since I just arrived in Seattle and plan on partying it up with some coasties tonight.



Gail said...

Did you get your bloodwork done after the holidays? I did that one year and was told that I had high triglycerides. I was told to eat only high fiber carbs and to cut out sugar, white rice/flour, and alcohol. Ugh... I lasted maybe 2 weeks on this diet. The next year, I got my blood work done again and my triglycerides were 92 instead of 204. Go figure. I think it was because I was eating too many X-mas cookies and drinking wine.

Susan said...

Hey - what about the catastrophic wool allergy possibility?!!! Don't leave me hanging.