So yeah I had a smoking relapse. After two years fresh and clean I started back up. There is no good excuse. And every time quitting gets harder and harder.

There I have come clean. I am quitting again. I would like to say that I have quit again, but I had several this week. Not lots, just some.

Now that that is out of the way I am completely stoked for the new season of Big Love which starts on Sunday. Remind me to set the DVR tonight.

Also, I have been told that the band Angels & Airwaves is a badly repackaged Blink182. I don't care. The more I listen the more I like.

Last thing, car shopping blows.

Everyone feel updated?

Knitting Content: I had to pack for a cruise in April today, sounds early I know, but if I explained it to you it would make sense. I swear. I put 12 skeins of Briggs & Little Atlantic in for Sylvi because it is a 5 week cruise with apparently little to do. I kept two skeins to get started before then. Hopefully I will get started on Monday at Knit Night.

Tonight I am headed to the Downtown San Diego Marriott for some SWTC fun with one of my knitting peeps. I seriously need to get back into the knitting mojo if I'm going to hockey games this season and maybe this will help.

Also, just because I have rediscovered my New Zealand pics (OMG it was gorgeous and I want to go back!) I leave you with a pic of Jon loving Waitaki Valley.


Susan said...

Sorry G & I don't help on the smoking front. According to my co-worker Jacqueline - Angels & Airways is one of the most influential bands of her generation. Maybe you asked peeps that were too old to understand and enjoy.

Allison said...

What is SWTC?