So Sue Me...

So yeah, I been a busy girl and I make no apologies. The holidays rocked minus the pneumonia, everyone loved their knitted items (see kickass picture above). I'm shopping for a car which should be much easier right now than it is, but maybe I'm picky. I got a regular girls play-date on Tuesdays now, yippiee. I'm missing my friends at sea hardcore. Still looking for love, which has it's ups and downs. Planning a work trip to the USCG Healy in Seattle next week, very short notice but stoked to see my sis and cousin. I think it is damn bizarre that the USCG Healy doesn't provide towels, sheets and blankets, but no damn towels. Weird.

My knitting is suffering as a result. My Swapping VD package from the SwappingVD Ravelry group has to be mailed in the first week of February and it is full of awesome goodies but very light on the hand knits. I officially suck as swapper. But I really like the person I got so I hope he/she/it/them likes it.

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Susan said...

It's pathetic of me to get an update on your life via your blog, but I've been M.I.A. Promise that I'm in for Think-n-Drink next week.

Great pic, btw!