I cast on a swatch for Sylvi Saturday, but I was so unhappy with the swatch I ripped it out and started again. How can a seed stitch swatch be wrong? It was just longer than it needed to be and I wanted to move faster. Also because I didn't have the right size needles I borrowed Roomies KnitPicks Options set which I won't be using for the full project so I really shouldn't use it now.

Anyway, now that I have a smaller swatch I'm a little happier but I am noticing that I don't really care for the gauge I'm getting. I haven't measured it. I don't know if it was I need, but it seems much too "loose". Especially for a coat, that is in stretchy seed stitch.

Here are some details for you...

Sylvi by Mari Muinonen which is available from Twist Collective

I bought the yarn called for Briggs & Little Atlantic in Red Heather which is unusual for me. I bought it off the web without ever having handled it (bad shopper!) and it is much scratchier than I thought it would be. Another reason I'm swatching. I hope washing softens it up.

It is supposed to be knit on size 10s to get 12 sts and 16 rows to 4", but I am probably going down to 9s whether it gets me gauge or not, just for the texture of the fabric, then correct as necessary.

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Susan said...

Giiiirrrllll - you are always adjusting and adapting patterns in some way, shape, or form. lol. Gotta love it.