The CURSE, crap and you know it.

The Infamous Sweater Curse has infiltrated the minds of the single knitters. To knit or not to knit, that is the question. When does a love interest become worthy of your hand knit gold? Does it apply to all hand knit lovelies or just sweaters?

Let's take a step back and analyze the scenario. You are a knitter. That guy/girl/both has been flirting with you. You both exchange "looks". He/She/It admires your knitting. Maybe you have been out a few times. Maybe you have been exclusive for years. Maybe you are married with 10 kids. You feel the need to shower them with your wooly love. A hat? scarf? gloves? or even... a Sweater?

Lets start with the projects themselves, we can divide them into investments. Hats and scarves are a mild investment. They can be done in a weekend and even luxurious yarns result in affordable gifts. Gloves or socks, a moderate investment. They take a little longer, techniques are a little more difficult and the frustration level is escalating. A Sweater. A sweater is a massive investment, time, money, techniques.

What could go wrong with said projects? It could itch them. It could be the wrong color. Maybe the stitch pattern just isn't their style. The wool ski sweater just can't be worn in your sunny state of Florida. If any of these things are the case, it will affect the potential for wear by said love interest. Now the size of the investment will increase the excitement of getting it exactly right or the disappointment of both when it doesn't get worn for any of the previous reasons.

Lets consider some statistics for a second. Without actual numbers of course. How many relationships have you been in that failed? How relationships around you have lasted a lifetime? In relationships not involving a knitter, how many of them end? I think chances are very good, you might be single again. If you found your soulmate/love-of-your-life/immortal-vampire-relationship-counselor congratulations. Make that sweater.

Now I will never tell you that knitting a hat or scarf is a bad idea. No matter how early it is in a relationship. Particularly if you are an obsessed knitter like most of us. Concerned it will come off too strong? Keep in mind, if you know he/she/it at all, they probably know you knit and you knit a lot, it probably isn't as overwhelming as you think. They are likely not assuming that you knit it over a picture of them with a vial of chicken blood hoping for some relationship voodoo magic. But then again. They might. But it's just a hat. Who cares.

So let's consider a massive investment, time, money, technique. What if it is the wrong style/color/fiber or just that it is a sweater and they don't wear them? Any of those would indicate how little you know one another. If he/she/it doesn't wear it, maybe it is your fault for picking orange when he/she/it is a blues man, or maybe you got color and style right and you just discover he/she/it is a massive, uncaring douche who just doesn't wear homemade.

What I think is happening is people are realizing how incompatible they are thanks to the sweater. Maybe it is providing relationship insight you couldn't pick up on through all the fleece encasing your brain. Maybe it took the magic of your needles to expose your relationship for what it truly is. And really, is that ever a bad thing?

No matter what, when you give knitting as a gift, you have to be prepared to never see it again. It doesn't belong to you anymore. If you never see the person you gave it to again are you going to regret making it for them? If so, you shouldn't give him/her/it anything in the first place. While we have faith in the gift of our knitted love, it is not relationship glue. It doesn't tie you forever with another person. Do not expect it to do for you, what any other gift can't do. Responses to the gift may provide relationship truths, just like any other gift. That is all.

Now if you can give your knitted items away without regret. Go ahead and make as many as you want. If you can't, don't. In fact, you should probably never knit gifts. This is a reflection on your attitude, not the other person/people.

All of this said, if you make any sort of knitted investment that is all wrong, 100% wrong and he/she/it wear it with pride and joy. Marry he/she/it and buy adjoining burial plots. You have found true love.


works got me crazy busy

I'm writing csh. I hope to have it done before the week is over. It is making me crazy. I'm dreaming in csh.

After that knitting awesomeness continues.

I swear.


Because I do Everything Susan does...

Get your own at Wordle.net

Quick message...

Don't have time to post all I want to post, pictures and everything, but I want to say this real quick.

According to slashdot.com Fox is considering bringing Futurama back for a 6th season due to the fantastic sales of the straight to DVD movies. I have felt the web rumbling from folks who didn't like the movies. I would just like to say, you are all full of crap!

Those movies are as good as the series ever was. Stop being a stuck up, elitist douche. You are one of those people who only like the "original" anything and any attempt to bring it back or update it is poo-poo'd by the "classic" audience. I loved Futurama from day one and my family will complain all about it. I found the movies completely in step with the original series, it is made by the same guys and damn hilarious. Yes even, and maybe particularly, the Beast With A Billion Backs.

So shut up and let me watch my show in peace.


I take it back

I take back my apology for my Matchbox 20 (yes, before Matchbox Twenty) phase. I was driving a borrowed car the other day and 3 a.m. came on the radio. I'm sorry. I loved it. I still love it. I sang it at the top of my lungs.

I don't listen to the radio much anymore. Don't know why. Because I don't yet have a car? Because I don't own a home stereo (though my new mp3 player has FM, I'm too busy listening to Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek, which will be closely followed by numerous podcasts)? Because I really really hate the commercials and DJs? Because I already have almost everything I want on mp3?

Anyway, 3 a.m. was immediately followed by REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling. Which, while it was released a little before I started caring about music (ok a whole decade before I started caring about music), was my High School Sweetheart and I's song. I still think it was absolutely perfect for the two of us and I always look back fondly on our relationship. We didn't have an ugly or messy break up, we just grew up and apart after our freshman year of college and remained friends for a long while. I never wonder what would have happened if we stayed together. I'm sure I already know. But at the time I felt loved, I felt secure and I felt like a good person when I was with him, all of which are not necessarily common emotions for a teenager. I feel like maybe I should have thanked him for all of that.

And for introducing me to Matchbox 20.

Just to work it in here somewhere, Long Day started it all on some kind of free compilation album.


On a roll

I finished a hat for my daddy tonight when I should have been cleaning the house. Hi Daddy! Do you love it?

So I started it the way I have started many hats, garter stitch short rows. Daddy wanted earflaps and I didn't really plan them in, thinking I would figure it out later. I should have planned them in. I have knit and ripped. Knit and ripped. Over and Over again. I finally worked something out, but don't look too closely, cause it ain't real pretty. Thank goodness for the knitting spackle that is garter stitch. It covers everything. At least from a distance.

As soon as I bound off I thought of a much much better way to make this hat. Now I should write it down in my notebook before I forget.

Ha! Yeah right. You know me better than that.

Wool Ease Chunky on 10 1/2 circulars.


Yeah. I'm done.

I finished the scarf and good thing too, because j0n has loaned me his car in his absence and I won't be riding the bus again for the rest of the week.
That little scrap of yarn right there in front? That is all that remains. I knit to the very last possible inch I could before binding off. But it sure is warm and snuggly, that's for sure.

And when I got home...
Goodies from Diesel Sweeties. I only find this webcomic funny on occasion, but they have an awesome store. The red one is a tote bag and the others are t-shirts.

funny story...

So I show up at work this morning, get my computer all up and running and I have a message from j0n.

"I hear you are putting the final sugar on a certain scarf."

huh? I finished a scarf this weekend, but didn't post about it (you have to wait). Tried to figure out if I put it in an email or Facebook or maybe Ravelry, but he isn't on it. Where else he could have gotten this information floating in Antarctic waters?

"final sugar? you mean I'm finishing a scarf?"
"s'what the rumor is (yes)"
"are you thinking of a scarf in particular?"
"No... maybe this actually hasn't been discussed with you.... which wouldn't be super-surprising"
"what? do I need to make a scarf for someone?"
"(Friend Knitter) made me a scarf, but had not the time to finish it."
"lol I haven't heard anything about it. Am I supposed to finish it?"
"S'what (Friend Knitter) told me... but she is relying on (co-worker) to talk to you"
"ok. I'll be right back."

Upon finding said co-worker I was presented with a nearly completed scarf, needles and all. With a hearty thank you from the original knitter and the co-worker of course. Co-worker told me he was confident I would help because I knit like a "bat out of hell". With a slightly disturbed look on my face he tried to fix it, "or whatever knitting fast is."

"Like the wind" I corrected him.

Moral of the story, I got a bus project for the ride home, which is actually great because I am sans bus knitting right now. So yay Friend Knitter and of course I'm gonna finish a scarf for j0n. I couldn't leave him cold.

By the time j0n receives this scarf in S. Africa it will have been passed through two knitters and two "couriers". Hopefully he'll get it just in time for his seminar in Norway.

I think that is just cool and I feel great to be a part of it, though, volunteering me for knitting projects probably won't always be this cool.

*If you haven't already checked it out with all my linkage, check out j0n's blog today This, That and the Other. He has some super stellar iceberg shots, life on deck and of course the beautiful "wall o'monitors", though I prefer to call it "data central".


Comment? But it has already been said.

So I love getting comments. Who doesn't really? But when I read sites, I don't comment much. Mostly because someone else has already shared my sentiments, but also because I don't have anything interesting to report. And on larger sites, I figure, what does it matter? They are getting hundreds of messages from people with a lot more and intelligent responses then I.

But you know what? It does matter. Particularly for people who are putting their soul on the table or creating a gift and sharing their process with you. Really, we are all here for a little validation.

I have made a new resolution, maybe a little late in the year, to comment on much more of the content I visit, even if all I got to say is a single word. Just to say I heard you.

This just in from Patagonia...

It always make my heart all warm and fuzzy (and let's admit it, chest-busting proud) to hear about handknits sprung from my own hands that are loved and actually used by my friends. If you remember I made a hat for one of my shipmates late last year while at sea in the Bahamas. I removed the picture from the original post because I'm going to write up the pattern for Lonesome Stone Fiber and possibly for knitty.com but decided screw knitty.com. I have to share the love.

For the knitters out there, I'm pretty sure I knit this baby with Patons Classic Wool Merino, one of of my favorite standbys.

Thanks for the pictures Joe, looks like you are having a great time! If you wanna hear more about Joe's travels, check out his blog at http://hookahjoe.livejournal.com/


I Got Will Power

Only I call it Susan. She is taking my VD swap gift and hiding it for me until Valentine's day. I really think it is for the best, besides, she left the new Interweave for me to browse in the meantime.

Reclamation Scarf - Stefanie Japel

Everyone's favorite red headed knitwear designer, Stefanie Japel has a new pattern available. The Reclamation Scarf. It is a design meant to help bust that stash. All those pretty hanks you purchased just because they were yummy, but you had no idea what to do with it can be totally busted with this cute little scarf. Well I keep buying sock yarn because hello, PRETTY! But do NOT dig knitting socks.

I knew it was coming thanks to her blog and had to have it. Though the second I bought it I was sorry (no offense Stef, nothing but love for your beautiful work!). I was under the impression that is was going to be a pointed cowl basically. She says there is no bulky knot so I assumed it was a tube. However, her solution to the knot problem is to pull one end through an eyelet, which yes, you can do, but not really a new and unique solution.

All this said, I cast one on anyway. Rumor has it I got some beautiful hand carved shawl pins coming my way, but I got no shawl! However, I didn't have the pattern with me when I wanted to cast on so I ended up with my own. It is very similar to hers but with 4X (ShamWow!) the eyelets. I won't be sharing because it's pretty clear it wasn't really my idea. I was directly inspired from Stefanie. However if you are interested in making one of your own, just find a stitch pattern you like, cast on one and add increases. Easy-peasy. If you really need instruction on how to make a triangle, don't hesitate, but it is not really necessary.

But look, aren't the colors beautiful? It is really hard to screw up one of these with that gorgeous yarn you got hiding away.

I apologize for the camera pic, but my new pocket sized camera is still in the mail. And... Why yes those are hand made stitch markers. Thank you for noticing. They were a gift from my ever talented jewelry and stich marker designing Aunt... none for you!

I should mention, in case you didn't notice, this would be a perfect travel project. One skein (depending on how long you are gone) to pack and by the end of the trip you will be wearing a new scarf home.



I may have bought 20 skeins of yarn on Ravelry.com today. However, all blame should lay on the shoulders of Camping Jason as I was just looking at Bartlettyarns Fishermans 2-ply thanks to his post today. It was cheap!

Pictures when goodies arrive.


The Knitting Princess

There is a new webcomic out called The Knitting Princess. Just a month old, this is for all the single knitters out there. I really hope it picks up steam and look forward to the funnies.

The description below is from the website and I really think it will be relatable for a lot of us. Especially lately.

Knit Princess is the adventure of a knitting obsessed, movie loving, unemployed girl. Come see how she deals with unemployment, power outages, cat drama, and her long suffering roommate

To those victims of the Bush economy (I wish I could claim credit for that line, but I heard it from a friend), I'm sorry guys. Keep on keeping on.

Sidenote... Downloaded Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek Audiobook (found it on Wil's site, not Amazon.com if you want Audio). Which songs do I remove from my mp3 player?

I love Wil Wheaton although sometimes I think he takes nerd snob-dom* one step too far. For the most part, I ADORE him. Sorry. Didn't mean to shout. Really is there anything to not like about this guy? He seems so down to earth. Not to mention, unlike a lot of other actors, he doesn't hate it when you recognize him for his most popular role (For some of you that might be Stand By Me. For others it is of course Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.).

I also love that he enjoys all the same stuff I do, Penny Arcade, Jonathon Coulton, singing in the car (I know because I heard it on a podcast, not because I follow him out of conventions. But just to remind all you jealous folk, got a picture with him at PAX '06. He loves me. You can see it in his eyes.). Anyway, I'm looking forward to the book. I'll load it up for the commute tomorrow.

I guess that wasn't really a side note. And I apologize to Wil for drooling over him in a post titled "The Knitting Princess". Think he wears hats? Scarves? Sweater suits? For him, I'd make one.

*You have seen this on TV or heard it from the nerd in your life. An example would be disdain for someone not knowing how to ftp. Or who played Mal Reynolds. Or something like that. Yes, I've been guilty.

Scarlet Begonias

Swiped this meme from Tangential1 because I want to play with my new mp3 player... :)

1. Put your music library on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough.
4. Ok, go!

(non-title titles can be skipped: track 2, untitled song, etc.)

Right Back - sublime

Spider - They Might Be Giants

The Engine Driver - The Decemberists

Neville's Waltz - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire soundtrack

It's All Understood - Jack Johnson

Did You know Him? - Michael Andrews/Donnie Darko soundtrack

Future Foe Scenarios - Silversun Pickups

The Nurse Who Loved Me - A Perfect Circle

9) WHAT IS 2+2?
Old Man Walking - No More Kings

Rose - A Perfect Circle

Re: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton

Meet James Ensor - They Might Be Giants

Fortunate Fool - Jack Johnson

Kiwi - Maroon 5

How Can I Refuse? - Heart

Not Falling Apart - Maroon 5

Doin' Time - Sublime

Renholder - A Perfect Circle

War on Drugs - Barenaked Ladies

Waste It On - Silversun Pickups

Scarlet Begonias - sublime


Guess who got a new camera!

To start, the Tattoo. I got a tattoo! I love it! So you will see it!

In process.
And the final result. Did I mention I love it?

I planted some herbs and the basil is doing great. And really the basil is the only one I cared about. I love fresh basil.

I also started a new painting. This was experimenting with some new techniques. It is from a baby picture of myself and still in progress, but here is a preview...

Also, knitters condo-wide have been picking up their needles. Susan models my first Sylvi sleeve (which I finished tonight) and we enjoyed some knitting time together at a friend's place.

All in all I'm a happy girl. Though I might have a little knitting emergency. I sent 12 of 14 skeins of yarn for Sylvi to a ship I will be meeting at the end of March and the first sleeve went much faster than I thought and I only have 1/2 a skein left. This could turn into a little emergency. Though I think I will make the petals on the back blue and I have some Berrococo Peruvia in Abusar that will do that job, maybe I can work on those when I run out of yarn.


Valentine Nay-Sayers or Anti-VD if you will

I would just like to remind the nay-sayers of Valentine's Day that it doesn't have to be commercial. It is whatever you make it, a market was found and it was exploited. You don't have to buy things for a partner and be a part of that market if you don't want to. However you and your partner want to spend it, do it. Just make them feel appreciated.

For those who say you should tell your partner you love him/her every day, you are exactly right, but does it hurt to have a reminder for those who don't? Or a special day at all?

Personally I am a lover of candy you can only get at Valentine's Day and the idea of reminding loved ones they are. Admit it, often a lot of time will pass before you realize it. Consider Valentine's Day a reality check.

For those of us spending it alone, don't be hating on those who aren't. I'm keeping my bitter rage to myself and you should too.

Find someone you love this month and tell them so. I will be calling my momma.

xkcd hits another home run. As does Penny Arcade.

Go xkcd!

Did I mention I had another dream about these two? Why do they have such a hold on my sub conscience?

So quitting again. This time I am taking Chantix at my doctor's recommendation. I don't know that the Chantrix is helpful at all. An oral surgeon has informed me recently that I have an oral fixation. I don't think the reason I smoke at all is the nicotine. It is almost entirely about putting things in my mouth and it helps me with stress. It sounds filthy, but get all your minds outta the gutter.

I had a rough week and I'm not sure why. Sometimes I just get depressed and I think a lot about things that hurt. I can force myself to stop thinking about them and I feel better, but is that the healthiest way to deal with pain? Just think about something else? Does that really help one get over it? Or does that just put it off for another sneak attack in the future? If I wallow in emotional pain, will that prevent a recurrence in the future?

I am looking forward to the weekend. Not any big plans, just some little things. Hopefully some time for Lost Season 3 with Susan, a hockey game and maybe a movie. If all of this falls through, I'll head down to Pacific Beach and finally get the tattoo that I have been wanting. Most of my friends are unavailable and I miss them. Quit playing with icebergs and come home!


Diary: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk

I finished another book! This was a great book. Classic Chuck Palahniuk. If you liked Choke or Fight Club: A Novel at all you will enjoy Diary: A Novel.

It is the story of a woman who's husband is in a coma, but before he was hurt he worked as a contractor and sealed up rooms of the homes he has worked in. He sealed up kitchens, bathrooms and closets, but before he did so he covered the walls with rambling and explicit messages. All of that is interesting enough, but none of Chuck Palahniuk's books are just what you read in the description. There is so much more.

I think Diary: A Novel is probably a great introduction into Palahniuk. It seemed much gentler than Choke, but clearly in his classic style. I would have to say (in a purely Palahniuk-like phrase) that Diary: A Novel is the Vaseline-d Palahniuk experience. It might be the place to start if you have any interest in finding out what all buzz is about.

I have never read Fight Club: A Novel, but it is on my list.