Comment? But it has already been said.

So I love getting comments. Who doesn't really? But when I read sites, I don't comment much. Mostly because someone else has already shared my sentiments, but also because I don't have anything interesting to report. And on larger sites, I figure, what does it matter? They are getting hundreds of messages from people with a lot more and intelligent responses then I.

But you know what? It does matter. Particularly for people who are putting their soul on the table or creating a gift and sharing their process with you. Really, we are all here for a little validation.

I have made a new resolution, maybe a little late in the year, to comment on much more of the content I visit, even if all I got to say is a single word. Just to say I heard you.


Anonymous said...

I don't read many blogs, but of the ones I do read, I don't comment enough. So...here's a comment. Hi, Brandi! :D

Jolene said...

Oops. Maybe I leave so few comments that I can't remember to include my name.

Susan said...

I think that's a great "post-New Year's" resolution. I really appreciate every comment, too - even if multiple comments are similar.

Allison said...

I agree. You have inspired me to leave more comments.