funny story...

So I show up at work this morning, get my computer all up and running and I have a message from j0n.

"I hear you are putting the final sugar on a certain scarf."

huh? I finished a scarf this weekend, but didn't post about it (you have to wait). Tried to figure out if I put it in an email or Facebook or maybe Ravelry, but he isn't on it. Where else he could have gotten this information floating in Antarctic waters?

"final sugar? you mean I'm finishing a scarf?"
"s'what the rumor is (yes)"
"are you thinking of a scarf in particular?"
"No... maybe this actually hasn't been discussed with you.... which wouldn't be super-surprising"
"what? do I need to make a scarf for someone?"
"(Friend Knitter) made me a scarf, but had not the time to finish it."
"lol I haven't heard anything about it. Am I supposed to finish it?"
"S'what (Friend Knitter) told me... but she is relying on (co-worker) to talk to you"
"ok. I'll be right back."

Upon finding said co-worker I was presented with a nearly completed scarf, needles and all. With a hearty thank you from the original knitter and the co-worker of course. Co-worker told me he was confident I would help because I knit like a "bat out of hell". With a slightly disturbed look on my face he tried to fix it, "or whatever knitting fast is."

"Like the wind" I corrected him.

Moral of the story, I got a bus project for the ride home, which is actually great because I am sans bus knitting right now. So yay Friend Knitter and of course I'm gonna finish a scarf for j0n. I couldn't leave him cold.

By the time j0n receives this scarf in S. Africa it will have been passed through two knitters and two "couriers". Hopefully he'll get it just in time for his seminar in Norway.

I think that is just cool and I feel great to be a part of it, though, volunteering me for knitting projects probably won't always be this cool.

*If you haven't already checked it out with all my linkage, check out j0n's blog today This, That and the Other. He has some super stellar iceberg shots, life on deck and of course the beautiful "wall o'monitors", though I prefer to call it "data central".


Trifarina said...

I remember Jon! That's nice of you to finish a scarf for him! I have managed to inherit only one unfinished project that I found on a bookshelf in the lab next door... I put a giant pom pom on the top of that hat...

Susan said...

You won't be needing bus knitting for too long....btw I stopped by Jon's blog and left a comment. Great pics, indeed!