Guess who got a new camera!

To start, the Tattoo. I got a tattoo! I love it! So you will see it!

In process.
And the final result. Did I mention I love it?

I planted some herbs and the basil is doing great. And really the basil is the only one I cared about. I love fresh basil.

I also started a new painting. This was experimenting with some new techniques. It is from a baby picture of myself and still in progress, but here is a preview...

Also, knitters condo-wide have been picking up their needles. Susan models my first Sylvi sleeve (which I finished tonight) and we enjoyed some knitting time together at a friend's place.

All in all I'm a happy girl. Though I might have a little knitting emergency. I sent 12 of 14 skeins of yarn for Sylvi to a ship I will be meeting at the end of March and the first sleeve went much faster than I thought and I only have 1/2 a skein left. This could turn into a little emergency. Though I think I will make the petals on the back blue and I have some Berrococo Peruvia in Abusar that will do that job, maybe I can work on those when I run out of yarn.

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Susan said...

Yah for the tattoo and the knitting weekend....plus FOUR episodes of Lost! What a roll.