The Knitting Princess

There is a new webcomic out called The Knitting Princess. Just a month old, this is for all the single knitters out there. I really hope it picks up steam and look forward to the funnies.

The description below is from the website and I really think it will be relatable for a lot of us. Especially lately.

Knit Princess is the adventure of a knitting obsessed, movie loving, unemployed girl. Come see how she deals with unemployment, power outages, cat drama, and her long suffering roommate

To those victims of the Bush economy (I wish I could claim credit for that line, but I heard it from a friend), I'm sorry guys. Keep on keeping on.

Sidenote... Downloaded Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek Audiobook (found it on Wil's site, not Amazon.com if you want Audio). Which songs do I remove from my mp3 player?

I love Wil Wheaton although sometimes I think he takes nerd snob-dom* one step too far. For the most part, I ADORE him. Sorry. Didn't mean to shout. Really is there anything to not like about this guy? He seems so down to earth. Not to mention, unlike a lot of other actors, he doesn't hate it when you recognize him for his most popular role (For some of you that might be Stand By Me. For others it is of course Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.).

I also love that he enjoys all the same stuff I do, Penny Arcade, Jonathon Coulton, singing in the car (I know because I heard it on a podcast, not because I follow him out of conventions. But just to remind all you jealous folk, got a picture with him at PAX '06. He loves me. You can see it in his eyes.). Anyway, I'm looking forward to the book. I'll load it up for the commute tomorrow.

I guess that wasn't really a side note. And I apologize to Wil for drooling over him in a post titled "The Knitting Princess". Think he wears hats? Scarves? Sweater suits? For him, I'd make one.

*You have seen this on TV or heard it from the nerd in your life. An example would be disdain for someone not knowing how to ftp. Or who played Mal Reynolds. Or something like that. Yes, I've been guilty.

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