On a roll

I finished a hat for my daddy tonight when I should have been cleaning the house. Hi Daddy! Do you love it?

So I started it the way I have started many hats, garter stitch short rows. Daddy wanted earflaps and I didn't really plan them in, thinking I would figure it out later. I should have planned them in. I have knit and ripped. Knit and ripped. Over and Over again. I finally worked something out, but don't look too closely, cause it ain't real pretty. Thank goodness for the knitting spackle that is garter stitch. It covers everything. At least from a distance.

As soon as I bound off I thought of a much much better way to make this hat. Now I should write it down in my notebook before I forget.

Ha! Yeah right. You know me better than that.

Wool Ease Chunky on 10 1/2 circulars.


Susan said...

Hellloooooo???!!!! Get your patterns in that notebook lady! I'm still waiting on the shrug. The ear flaps look great, btw.

Cowgirl said...

Cool Hat! Wow... I didn't know you were so talented!