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Don't have time to post all I want to post, pictures and everything, but I want to say this real quick.

According to slashdot.com Fox is considering bringing Futurama back for a 6th season due to the fantastic sales of the straight to DVD movies. I have felt the web rumbling from folks who didn't like the movies. I would just like to say, you are all full of crap!

Those movies are as good as the series ever was. Stop being a stuck up, elitist douche. You are one of those people who only like the "original" anything and any attempt to bring it back or update it is poo-poo'd by the "classic" audience. I loved Futurama from day one and my family will complain all about it. I found the movies completely in step with the original series, it is made by the same guys and damn hilarious. Yes even, and maybe particularly, the Beast With A Billion Backs.

So shut up and let me watch my show in peace.

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Susan said...

Right on! (...and no - I'm not a fan, but feel your vibe.)