Reclamation Scarf - Stefanie Japel

Everyone's favorite red headed knitwear designer, Stefanie Japel has a new pattern available. The Reclamation Scarf. It is a design meant to help bust that stash. All those pretty hanks you purchased just because they were yummy, but you had no idea what to do with it can be totally busted with this cute little scarf. Well I keep buying sock yarn because hello, PRETTY! But do NOT dig knitting socks.

I knew it was coming thanks to her blog and had to have it. Though the second I bought it I was sorry (no offense Stef, nothing but love for your beautiful work!). I was under the impression that is was going to be a pointed cowl basically. She says there is no bulky knot so I assumed it was a tube. However, her solution to the knot problem is to pull one end through an eyelet, which yes, you can do, but not really a new and unique solution.

All this said, I cast one on anyway. Rumor has it I got some beautiful hand carved shawl pins coming my way, but I got no shawl! However, I didn't have the pattern with me when I wanted to cast on so I ended up with my own. It is very similar to hers but with 4X (ShamWow!) the eyelets. I won't be sharing because it's pretty clear it wasn't really my idea. I was directly inspired from Stefanie. However if you are interested in making one of your own, just find a stitch pattern you like, cast on one and add increases. Easy-peasy. If you really need instruction on how to make a triangle, don't hesitate, but it is not really necessary.

But look, aren't the colors beautiful? It is really hard to screw up one of these with that gorgeous yarn you got hiding away.

I apologize for the camera pic, but my new pocket sized camera is still in the mail. And... Why yes those are hand made stitch markers. Thank you for noticing. They were a gift from my ever talented jewelry and stich marker designing Aunt... none for you!

I should mention, in case you didn't notice, this would be a perfect travel project. One skein (depending on how long you are gone) to pack and by the end of the trip you will be wearing a new scarf home.

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