Valentine Nay-Sayers or Anti-VD if you will

I would just like to remind the nay-sayers of Valentine's Day that it doesn't have to be commercial. It is whatever you make it, a market was found and it was exploited. You don't have to buy things for a partner and be a part of that market if you don't want to. However you and your partner want to spend it, do it. Just make them feel appreciated.

For those who say you should tell your partner you love him/her every day, you are exactly right, but does it hurt to have a reminder for those who don't? Or a special day at all?

Personally I am a lover of candy you can only get at Valentine's Day and the idea of reminding loved ones they are. Admit it, often a lot of time will pass before you realize it. Consider Valentine's Day a reality check.

For those of us spending it alone, don't be hating on those who aren't. I'm keeping my bitter rage to myself and you should too.

Find someone you love this month and tell them so. I will be calling my momma.

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Susan said...

Awwww - were's Kwacha at?!??