xkcd hits another home run. As does Penny Arcade.

Go xkcd!

Did I mention I had another dream about these two? Why do they have such a hold on my sub conscience?

So quitting again. This time I am taking Chantix at my doctor's recommendation. I don't know that the Chantrix is helpful at all. An oral surgeon has informed me recently that I have an oral fixation. I don't think the reason I smoke at all is the nicotine. It is almost entirely about putting things in my mouth and it helps me with stress. It sounds filthy, but get all your minds outta the gutter.

I had a rough week and I'm not sure why. Sometimes I just get depressed and I think a lot about things that hurt. I can force myself to stop thinking about them and I feel better, but is that the healthiest way to deal with pain? Just think about something else? Does that really help one get over it? Or does that just put it off for another sneak attack in the future? If I wallow in emotional pain, will that prevent a recurrence in the future?

I am looking forward to the weekend. Not any big plans, just some little things. Hopefully some time for Lost Season 3 with Susan, a hockey game and maybe a movie. If all of this falls through, I'll head down to Pacific Beach and finally get the tattoo that I have been wanting. Most of my friends are unavailable and I miss them. Quit playing with icebergs and come home!

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Susan said...

The game starts at 5:45 (or 5:30) - so that's on and we'll get in at least 2 Lost episodes before the weekend is through!