Yeah. I'm done.

I finished the scarf and good thing too, because j0n has loaned me his car in his absence and I won't be riding the bus again for the rest of the week.
That little scrap of yarn right there in front? That is all that remains. I knit to the very last possible inch I could before binding off. But it sure is warm and snuggly, that's for sure.

And when I got home...
Goodies from Diesel Sweeties. I only find this webcomic funny on occasion, but they have an awesome store. The red one is a tote bag and the others are t-shirts.


Susan said...

Very nice! Hey - our place looks great in pictures. You can't even tell there's a sweat shop right there. lol

brandilion said...

I know, we can tuck it away when necessary :)

mocean said...

That was the coolest freaking thing for you to do. You're awesome.

Thanks for saving my ass...heeee.

-Mo (I'm not really stalking you, I got the link to your scarf story from Jon)

(Actually, yeah, I'm stalking you)