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Bad News. I only completed 2/3 of a row on the Saoirse Shawl last night. I was a very good girl and sat next to my computer to listen to The Decemberists on SXSW while I was knitting, but just couldn't accomplish much.

The show was really good and they played the entirety of their new album Hazards of Love which will be released on Mar 24th. I plan to buy it from Amazon's mp3 downloader, which I am completely in love with. If you are a Decemberists fan the album has been pre-released on iTunes I hear, but I really hate iTunes (in fact, I won't even link to them I hate them so), as a result, I will wait patiently until Tuesday.

In other news I got to cooking. Actually, I'll be cooking again tonight. Which is odd. Anyway, sometimes I will do some grocery shopping and do a bunch of cooking so I don't have to cook again for a few days. When I got home last night I started broiling some salmon and while doing so ate a bowl of cereal because I hadn't had dinner yet. My sister who loves to remind me that I am an idiot (but in the nicest possible way) asked "You're eating cereal and salmon for dinner?"

"uh... yeah?" She on the on the other hand ate cottage cheese while she was cooking dinner and was too full by the time it was done. This raises a nature vs nurture question, did the two of us learn this practice together as children or did we inherit it genetically. And who taught us this habit? Or is this a common occurrence? My roommate thinks it's a woman thing. Do you do this too? What do you think?

In reality more than half of the Salmon was set aside for lunch today, but I did follow up my cereal with teriyaki salmon. I'm an odd duck, ok? I also made some ham and cheddar stuffed croissants for breakfast, and yes I followed up the salmon with one of these as well.

Every morning I go to this super muffin place near my office called Marvelous Muffins and get one of theirs and a cup of coffee and it runs me $6 every morning. That runs me $130 a month.

um, bad girl! With my first month of car payments and insurance and trying to squeeze in as much fun as I can before heading to the Arctic I already spent all my money, whoops!

So anyway, last night I made my own. And there were improvements I wanted to make anyway. Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese being one of them. I used Pillsbury crescent dough, which, while not as awesome as real croissants, worked ok. I bought a few other types of dough and we'll see if there are better options. They were delicious. And I was happy to discover they were even good re-heated the next morning. That is the most important part. Next time, More cheddar.

I want to support my muffin lady, but I is broke-y.

And to end the morning I thought I would tell you about Penny Arcade's Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts. I have been listening to them in the car and it is so funny. Mike Krahulik is hilarious, Jerry Holkins has an excellent way of breaking down what is happening and getting it repeated for the listener (I don't know if that is intentional or not, but perfect). For instance after the Dungeon Master finishes describing the sound of rain and thunder, Jerry repeats "It's been noisy out." I love him. I'm pretty sure he repeats in his own words for his own clarity, but it makes it super easy on me.

Apparently this is not the first round of podcasts like these, but this time there is a special guest and you all know that is what got me there in the first place. Mr. Wil Wheaton. It did however get me to download the previous round of podcasts which I will get to after this one (I need something to listen to at sea anyway).

It kinda makes me want to play D&D...
Wait, no you don't.
But I could get some awesome dice, maybe store them in a crown royale bag, or knit (!) one...
Remember how badly you sucked that one time in high school?
But, I've matured, I have skills now...
Yeah, Matured and D&D don't traditionally go together.
They could, maybe I'm a better gamer than I was back then...

This is my internal struggle.

By the way, this is the dumbest thing I ever heard "Sci Fi Channel Aims to Shed Geeky Image With New Name". Someone got paid for it. That is the worst use of money in these crappy economic times I have ever seen.


semi-crazy blonde girl said...

The whole SiFi thing makes me want to vomit. I might have to quit watching anything on that channel now which is sad because they have Ghost Hunters. :(

I've been curious about the DnD podcasts, but I give my husband a really hard time about playing and so I feel as if it would be hypocritical to listen. However, I suppose listening and playing are different, right? I mean, I read books where people shoot up on drugs all the time... but I still don't like when people actually do that. Same difference. Yeah? (Help me! I'm drowning and really curious about the podcasts! heehee)

brandilion said...

Listening and playing are totally different. And I know you are hip enough on a lot of the terms (AOE for instance) that you might really enjoy it. I'd ease up on giving him a bad time about playing, though... I'm kinda thinking it would be fun to get a girl's game together. You know I'll be around the BOI a few times this year :D

Susan said...

The croissants were AMAZING. Thanks for sharing a piece with me last night. Even without the extra cheddar, it was pure yummy-goodness.

Jolene said...

I love love love D&D, but it's such a huge timesink. I play every Sunday 10am-4pm...most of the other people in my group also play a different campaign on Wednesday night, but I don't have nearly enough time to do that session too. The biggest thing though, IMO, is to find people you click with. All the groups I've played with have been with people I know from other things, so I already know that I won't want to strangle someone across the table 6 hours into a session.

Also, if you want to start a game, I wouldn't mind showing a new-ish group the ropes and maybe DMing a couple sessions. I definitely can't do another long-running session though...I'll never graduate and might get my ass divorced. :p