Feedback. It feels good.

Thanks everyone for your responses and input on The Curse. It is amazing how many reasons the gift of a sweater can go so badly and it is no wonder it has been considered a curse. I really appreciate the dialog.

This weekend was an adventure in fun. I finally saw Taken (LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT). I was introduced to Vamipre Hunter D: Bloodlust and Rurouni Kenshin through the four OVA. I loved it. Particularly Kenshin. I know the OVA are different from the regular series and I don't even know how much is out there for Kenshin, but the OVA were beautifully animated and had fantastic character development. Vampire Hunter D? Just awesome. I love me some vampires. Especially half vampire/human characters that have decided to use their power for mankind. It takes me back to high school and forcing my sweetheart to play Castlevania for my entertainment. I did so love Alucard.

Anyway, movies and anime aside, I was taken by a friend to Two Sister's and Ewe in La Mesa. It is a great yarn store. I had never been before but I will definitely be back. I was taken by a non-knitting friend of mine and he was so eager to learn about all our awesome knitting tools and code (flipping through a magazine). I offered to teach him and of course he took a step back.

"Baby steps now."

Anyway we stopped and had frozen yogurt and on our way back to town went to the San Diego Humane Society and looked at animals. I'm not sure exactly why, neither of us could take any home, but I'm glad we went. They were all so sweet and the rabbits were beautiful. I think I am going to go back as a volunteer. They require a time commitment of two shifts per month and I am coming up on an 8 week trip so I will have to see what I can work out.

I came home with a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn. I took a nap and went grocery shopping and one of our little kitties had shredded the plastic bag it was in, breaking the yarn in several places on the outside of the skein. I wound it into a ball and tied a few knots and I'm sure it's salvageable. But GRRRR. Lookout kitties, I was checking out your replacements not two hours before.

Susan and I had a great night Monday. It was so nice to just be together all night long. We didn't do anything crazy, just knitting with the Infinite Knitters (it is so great to have Susan back there, she is making excellent progress on her shrug for those of you following along), picked up a little food, did a little necessity shopping then some nosh while we watched Family Guy, all together. It is amazing how you can live in the same apartment/home with someone but still never really see each other.

Pictures someday, I promise. I got a super cool project on the needles almost completed.


Susan said...

Good times for sure! There were some really funny Family Guys on after you went to bed. I record one or too for later!

Anonymous said...

Ouch about the Noro! Sugar the Monster Beagle tried to eat my Lorna's Laces sock yarn a while ago. I came home to find a goodly amount of it wrapped around the living room and starched to rigidity by doggy spit....ewwww.... Luckily there is so much extra yarn in a sock weight skein!