Infinite Knitters and The TomTom

Knitting Business:

Last night was such a great turnout. It is crazy how the same crowd of people can have a very different energy one week than the week before. Last night was great, fun and friendly. We had FOs (Finished Objects for those who don't speak hand knit) to show off, and a little relaxing in the glory of an FO which is earned every now and again. We had someone new which is always fun and plenty of space, which is sometimes hard to come by at Starbucks.

I picked back up the Belemnite I started for Susan ages ago, last June specifically. I found I had finished the knitting of the main piece and had even seamed one of the sleeves. So I took it last night and seamed the other sleeve and picked up the ribbing around the collar. I remembered why I stopped as well. It is snug. At least is it snug on me. Susan is convinced it is not a problem, but months ago I got disappointed and threw it to the side thinking I needed to start over. Now I'm just gonna finish it and if she loves it, she loves it. If not, maybe we can find someone small to give it to.

New Toy Business:

I have been a little distracted from the knitting scene. I recently bought a car, which I love Love LOVE (I have named her The Major, a little homage to Ghost in the Shell), and yesterday my GPS arrived from Amazon. I ended up going with the TomTom mostly because I am anti-Microsoft. Yes Microsoft has done a lot to get us where we are technologically, but they have become a monster. They are currently engaged in a lawsuit with the TomTom over patent infringement. This case could result in setting a precedent allowing Microsoft to go after Linux.

I think one of the reasons I have bonded with Linux is it's DIY attitude. I am a DIY kinda girl. Sanding and re-staining bookshelves, making (and collaborating with Susan on) clothes that are exactly me, knitting, painting, fixing the dining room chairs are very much a part of my personality. I would always rather make something myself then buy it (except when it comes to cooking, weird...).

The good news is because Linux boils down to DIY computer systems, it would be hard to completely kill the movement. People will always find routes to do it their own way, however, I wouldn't look forward to the down time while the community recovers.

So back to the GPS. I downloaded Eddie Izzard's voice to give me directions on my TomTom. It won't be my voice for a while I think. Until I become accustomed to how the TomTom directs a human recorded voice just isn't the way to go. Human voices can't say street names for instance they can only give directs, turn right, stay to the left, etc. And while I love Eddie, he kinda yells a lot which is distracting.

I was a little disappointed to find that the TomTom doesn't come with software for Linux. It has a lot of open source software components (hence the Microsoft Lawsuit) but only has software for Microsoft and Mac. Oh well. I don't need to use the computer with it often and when I do I have my Windows XP partition.


Trifarina said...

Eddie Izzard yelling directions sounds pretty awesome. Perhaps I'll have to get one someday.

Susan said...

Yeah for picking up the shrug....as far as it being snug....even more reason for me to get my butt to the tennis court.