Spring Knitty is Out!

So the Spring issue of Knitty.com has come out and the very first pattern has drawn my eye. Shipwreck is a version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi Shawl, that is beautiful. Really I think it is the picture, with the sea breeze billowing it. What need do I have for a Pi shawl? None. But man that picture is pretty. Also Ripple sure is a pretty take on entrelac.

I finished Susan's Belemnite Shrug last night and she seems happy with the fit. We are going to take some pictures this evening. I am holding it hostage until I can get some FO pictures.

This left me free to cast on for Interweave Knits Saoirse Shawl. I remembered that I bought 16 skeins of Knit One Crochet Too Meringue in Terra Rosa for $2 a pop at Knitting in La Jolla ages ago, I think it was on the Infinite Knitters Yarn crawl way back when (how did I not post about it?), or it was just shopping with Vagabond Bettie. Either way... AGES ago...

Sorry. Focus. The Saoirse Shawl. I would like to point out something very interesting about this pattern. At one point and for several rows after you have 2,173 sts on your needles.



That is a helluva lot of stitches. The pattern recommends a 47" circular. Yeah. I have never had more than say 150 sts at any one time. Does anyone have any suggestions for stitch management. I'm a little concerned about the increasing which happens nearly evenly every 3rd stitch, so placing a marker every ten is kinda, a pain, but I guess I could move them to every ten on every inc row. Hm... scratch that. I will have to up that interval quite a bit, hundreds maybe? Good news is, it doesn't have to have exactly the right number of stitches, it just has to increase enough to create the ruffles. Maybe I won't even count.

Anyway, I am really excited about the final project. It will give me something to wear over my custom-made leggings by Susan and then you can get an FO shot of the pants too.

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Gail said...

I love Shipwreck too! It's in my queue. I also have a fear of too many stitches on a needle and have never done anything with more than 100 stitches on my needles. That fear has kept me from casting on for the Ene shawl. lol Good luck!