St. Patrick's Day!

I had a fabulous St. Patrick's Day. It was mellow compared to recent years, anyone remember Seattle? Or Cape Town? Classic Corned beef dinner at the home of a good friend, knitting 1 and 1/3rd complete row on the Saoirse Shawl and watched some Ghost in the Shell. I had a surprise visit from a friend and am just in a stellar mood today.

I am on row 33 of the Saoirse Shawl. I haven't done the math to figure out how many stitches that means should be on my needles, but it took me 75 minutes to complete one row. ONE ROW! It is only going to get bigger meaning I have at the least 46 hours left of working on this thing. At least. Or, if I knit one row a day everyday, It can't be done before April 24th. Oh man. I suddenly feel overwhelmed.

Edited to add... According to my math I should have 1230 stitches on the needles. Hot Damn!

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Susan said...

I worked 1200 stitches a night to finish a blanket in 10 days. It really sucked. I suggest 1 1/2 rows a day and see if that'll keep you on track for your April deadline.