Tennis & Tub Thursdays

Healthy Living:
Susan and I played tennis last night and rewarded ourselves with a dip in the hot tub (our first!).
We are both working on better health for ourselves and decided we need to take more advantage of the free facilities available to us where we live.

This was followed by ANTM on the DVR with a little knitting and sewing party. I had so much fun last night. Lately we have got to spend some serious quality time together and it makes me happy. She is one classy lady. Hopefully, Tennis & Tub Thursdays will become a regular activity to be resumed upon return from my next cruise.

My cholesterol has gotten a lot of my focus lately. I've been taking Omega-3 supplements, eating oat cereals and fish, less red meats and sugars and drinking less alcohol. Hitting the gym at least twice a week over the last month and started to play some form of tennis (I don't think we can really call it tennis, mad wild swings and a lot of running. And I'm pretty sure I bought a racket with some kind of worm hole in the center that let's balls pass straight through unharmed), with a friend of mine and, hopefully, more often with Susan.

My doctor has my most recent test results sitting on her desk and when I called to get them I was told I would have to wait for her to call me. The stress of worry is getting to me. It really needs to come down or just have shown some improvement or I'm afraid I will be too discouraged that my work has all been for nil.

Knitting Math:
I had a real problem working on the Saoirse Shawl from Spring's Interweave Knits. The placement of the inc rows was very confusing. At first I understood the increasing to occur on rows 5,11,16,22 and so on through ~120 rows. However, the final length is only supposed to be 10" and, according to the gauge, 10" is about 70 rows. I had to be misunderstanding it. After pondering for a little while I figured out that that if the increasing instead occurs on rows 5,6,11,12,17,18... I would end up completing my increasing about row 60. Much better. [Note: That leaves 10 rows of plain stockinette stitch with over 2000 stitches per row. 20,000 stitches. yeah. Just saying.]

I had gotten through row 12. There wasy no way (!) I was going to rip out. I had already quadrupled the amount of stiches I had cast on a mere 11 rows previously. Instead I just made sure that I worked in two more increase rows before I got to row 17. I don't think the exact row the increases take place on really matters, just that there are so many increases to so many rows. It should average out. I'm just not worried about it.

In fact. I realized I do not care to keep track of 2,173 stitches. I'm just gonna keep on keeping on and if in the end I am a stitch or 10 shy I really don't give a hoot. Before I bind off I will count how many are on the needle just in out of curiousity, but you can put money on me NOT fixing it if I'm short.

So last night I stopped knitting after row 19. Row 19 took me almost half an hour. I think my progress will slow considerably after this week. I ordered a 47" size 8 Addi Turbo from Amazon.com (yes I know there are much better knitting resources, but I have such great rewards with Amazon, I go through them every chance I get) last night. Hopefully it will get here soon. My little 26" needle looks like it is about to bust out of it's top.

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