What I did in the Prom Dressing Room

A camera phone image of my latest work in progress. I have been trying to get a better picture but my lack of organization has made this picture all you can get right now.I began this in a Prom Dressing room with a close family friend and I am really enjoying it. You will find out about it soon enough. I think I am going to try to turn it into a little tutorial and pattern for those interested. However, too late, I find myself realizing I need to take pictures of my steps. I guess that means I'll have to make another and I know "someone" whose feelings won't be hurt by that in the slightest.

I do have one note to self. I really hate knitting in the round with only 4 dpns. That is some crap I tell you.


Susan said...

Don't worry, I'm willing to go head to head at cribbage for a pair!!!! lol

brandilion said...

shhh I didn't say it was a pair :)

Allison said...

I read the title of the post and had geared myself up for a naughty entry. ;)