Where the Hell have I been?

Time just keeps ticking by and I can't seem to keep up with it.

I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas and it was great! There were some gin & tonics, lions, Bodies (I am going to a special hell because all I could think was I needed a grill), sharks(chomp chomp), roller coasters(even though I went on it twice, it was a little jarring and there may have been a shaken baby comment) and I even found a way to learn a little something by heading out to the hoover dam and taking a tour.
YAY Turbines! It took four pictures before we got one with my eyes open. d'oh! There is a beautiful faulted dike in the canyon walls here, but pictures will have to come later. Maybe I'll get a few up tomorrow.

Now tonight is knitting and hopefully picking a super awesome someone up at the airport. I'm gonna try to bail on work tomorrow because I need to complete all of the following before 4 am on Wednesday morning...

clean my car
clean my room so the carpets can be shampooed while I'm a way
finish packing for Alaska
pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy
upload vegas pictures
mail Drew and Andrea's postcard
decorate a few styrofoam cups with Roomie and friends
buy some styrofoam cups
cancel the recording of my DVR'd shows
bill pay and write some checks ahead of time
transfer all data and music and digital media I need over the next six weeks to an external hard drive

Oh god... I'm tired already, still, um sleep comes soon right?

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