Ok I have almost finished the back and it seems to me, that this is short. Much shorter than I anticipated. I am hoping against hope that wet blocking will do something miraculous and drop this sucker to my knees but it is looking like I might end up with a jacket, not a long coat. I'll suck it up and wear it anyway, but I'm a little disappointed. I will plow on though. Hoping to start one of the front pieces tomorrow.



Sylvi at sea

I'm happy to report Sylvi is totally progressing.

I am still in the Bering Sea and working on Sylvi in between CTD casts. I completed the second sleeve and started the cable pattern on the back which is gorgeous already. I thought all the seed stitch would kill me, but I really don't mind it. The cable pattern is exciting and dramatic but fairly simple.

This is going to come out great.


I'm on a boat!

So I'm on the USCGC Healy and I can't get to Facebook. If you're my buddy, you will have to send me an email to contact me. If you aren't my buddy, this doesn't pertain to you.

We are on the Bering Sea and it is warm, for Bering Sea standards. Snowy and slushy. I am really tired and my internet access is super limited so this is all you are getting.

I'm off to wind some yarn into balls. I bought and totally forgot to bring a swift just for this. D'oh.