Buttony is a movin!

This is what I did this weekend. Played around on the computer and watched a lot of shows. Kinda feel like it is a weekend down the tube, but not if I have a sweater to show for it soon, right?

also, some random thoughts I had this weekend. Miley Cyrus is "Finally happy again" according to some magazine I was checking out. Now, I hate to belittle, but c'mon Miley! You are 16. You have yet to see your worst moments. I think the words finally and again should be cut outta your mouth. Just sayin.

There are some places you just can't remove pet hair from. Never.

A spider crawled across my face right when I was dozing off the other night. It freaked me out. I had to text about it. Then, I tweeted. haha.

I have been reunited with A Softer World. Someone I had a very unhealthy relationship with once upon a time, told me that the site reminded him of me. I freaked out and stopped reading it. But really, there is a reason, I love it. It is exactly my humor. I am no longer freaked out, but I would love to produce work personally that nailed me so exactly like A Softer World. I'll put them up on the sidebar when I feel like editing my layout. Later.

Everyone I know seems to be planting lately. Have all of us always been gardening and I didn't notice? Have my friends just become grownups? Is it an economy thing? Hopefully, from the sounds of it, every one will be stuffing their faces with good for you fresh from the garden veggies. Go us. If I get a single vegetable from my garden and the basil perks up, I'll be in heaven. Mind you my garden is a bunch of pots. I don't know if I'll have a successful pot harvest (HA!) but I"m going to try.

If you don't already know the Semi-Crazy Blonde Girl she is putting out a webcomic that debuts on June 2nd... Bus Stop Comic Check it out and feed back. She has been working like crazy and I think most of us know how hard it is to put ourselves out there for the world to see. If it takes off, maybe they will come visit me next year for the San Diego Comic Con... hint.

Also I made a new friend who makes a comic that is new this year as well. I'm all about promoting my friends, even if I only have two readers, but check out Near and Far. They are in the middle of a hiatus while scripts are written, but it'll be back soon. And I know, most of you would be totally excited to know it is drawn by a knitting male and really, whatever it takes to get you over there. They will be at ConnetiCon. If you are an East Coaster or just happen to be there and you are a "con" type (don't lie, I know you are) go buy their stuff. Or just say hi I've heard of you.

I didn't mean to turn into a promoter, but honestly, while I'm at it. If you are ever in Seattle check out Mutual. You can find them on Facebook and on Twitter as MutualTunes. I have yet to see them perform live, but I think their music is great and I'm really impressed with their growth. Check em out.

You know what, tell em I sent ya. Maybe someday when they get merch, I'll get a little something.

Ok I am off to clean the bathroom then reward myself with cookies and ice cream. Go me.


Aaron said...

Thanks for the plug! :D

Trifarina said...

I absolutely love the texture and color of that yarn you're working up!

semi-crazy blonde girl said...

That yarn is great! I love it.

Also, thanks for the plug. :) It means a lot to me.

Susan said...

Buttony is more than movin' - you are doing your thang!

Please tell me the spider was at Buddy & Ezra's house and not ours!

I'm going home sick today so I can get some extra sleep and not be sick when I go out of town on business. ANTM, please.