A nice long weekend

The back of Sylvi is blocking all alone because I don't have room for more pieces at one time. I think blocking will take place in three stages, this one with the back piece, one with two sleeves and one with the two front pieces. Yesterday I finished the right front piece with almost inches of yarn to spare on the skein. The left front needs to be redone around the neckline because I completely botched it up and thanks to the lovely folks in the Sylvi KAL group on Ravelry, I now understand exactly how it works. I was a complete dope and thought I read k2tog which was not there. WHOOPS!

After blocking one should be ready to piece together and pick up the hood. However, I had another brilliant idea not to carry my yarn back to San Diego and it will be shipped from Seattle. But I'm out. Again. I'm brilliant. On payday I need to roam around looking for a lining fabric anyway.

That makes the Saoirse Shawl my knitting and damn. I'm on row 35. I've been on row 35 all day. I want to pick up something else because I am bored with it, but if I do, will I ever really come back to it? Maybe. I do have the Juno Regina on the needles still and Trifarina did finish one already making me feel guilty. I am slightly over it because hello, size twos, mohair and beads. But we all know I'm not knitting on it like I should be and the cousin I am making it for just graduated high school. At this rate I might finish it before her wedding day.

OK! I'll get on it today and save the Saoirse Shawl for the BBQ tomorrow with my knittaz. If you are an Infinite Knitter, we are BBQ'ing at one of our knitters homes. This means there is likely not to be a showing at Starbuck's tomorrow. A very rare occurrence for a monday night. If it is your first night to meet us, I'd wait till next week.

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Trifarina said...

Ohhh, I want to be an infinite knitter!!! Do I have to move back to Cali though? It's not in the cards. I just finished packing up for moving to TX. (during which time I knitted the Juno for sanity...)