This is why I hate...

...knitting to a length measurement. You know in knitting patterns, perhaps on a sleeve, it says knit for 13" or something like that. Then you work on the back of the sweater pattern which has a pretty cabled chart like, oh say, I don't know... the Sylvi sweater, wherein every single row is accounted for? And you have to stretch it like oh say, I don't know 20% during blocking to get to the patterns dimensions then you go to block the sleeve and you don't have to stretch it at all. One might say, "Oh hey, that's great. Less work." And while that is true the result is two different fabrics on the back than on the sleeves.

The sleeves are thicker, heavier and dense while the back lightweight and open. I'm thinking the best solution would be to measure my gauge on the back of the sweater, reknit the sleeves and re-block them again, in order to keep the sweater consistent and continuous and beautiful.

Or do I just not care? Chances are very good, that is the case.

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