Bad Knit Blogger!

I forgot to mention that I was using Universal Tides in the colorway Deluxe that I bought on eBay.com. I have 5 skeins, but I think I will only need 4. It is a 100% wool, thick and thin yarn. The thick and thin characteristic bothered me at first, particularly when the ball got stuck in my bag and a little tug pulled apart one of the loosely spun "thick" sections.

However it has grown on me and I think this is a great pattern to display the "awesome" of the yarn. It is all stockinette.

I'm sorry if you tried to link to the sweater and it appeared broken but the site appears to be gone (really? I just started this sweater, what's that about?). Thankfully you all know what mad skillz I gots. It is my third top down raglan and I worked it out with some bust shaping even.

Today is payday and I have decided (which is not unexpected) that the buttons I have just will not do. So I'll pop into Beverly's before knitting tonight and get something perfect. A co-worker pointed out I could stain my own wood buttons if the colors weren't right.


Of course I could! I know I could. Why did I never think of that. We'll see what I can find. Over the next two days I will be running around craft stores as I have some goodies I need to make for a special Single Knitter on Ravelry.com

Also less than 24 hours to the launch of Bus Stop Comic, don't forget to check it out.

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