While I was away

1. I completed a sweater. Which I have then lost.

2. I went to Ensenada Mexico which was great. But I don't want to work there again. I want to go back for fun.

3. I have been spinning yarn on a drop spindle. I love it. I bought a TON of roving on the web cheap. Actually two pounds of roving equals a ton. Just for the record.

4. I went to the fairgrounds today and ate my weight in trans fat. I think I will survive, but if you know a place with drive thru bypasses, let me know. It may just be fruit, V8s and water for a few days.

5. I have been making all kinds of soup but I broke the lid to my crockpot and I'm waiting for a replacement. Yesterday I made chorizo bean soup and it was sooo good.

6. One of my bestest friends is coming to see me on Wednesday and I am so excited. It is going to be so much fun and relaxing and awesome.

7. I bought a Roku. I love it. LOVE it!

Congratulations on reading the most boring post ever. But you are caught up.


Trifarina said...

I kind of want a roku too.

Susan said...

Not boring! I'm back and ready to check out the Roku...plus I miss you AND your soup!