I have come to a decision and I think it's the right one.

I know, multiple posts in one day! Don't get used to it.

I have been a member of Ravelry's Atheist & Agnostic Crafters group for almost two years now. I have decided to day that I finally need to leave.

I don't read it very often, but I always get a little sad when I do. There is a lot of hate in there for people with faith. The faithful are often referred to as stupid, ignorant and more. I just don't have that kind of hate in my heart. My biggest problem with organized religions is a lack of acceptance and yet, the Atheist & Agnostic Crafters are devoid of the same acceptance they ridicule the faithful for. I realize I'm generalizing, but I notice this kind of talk in almost every thread and by the most frequent posters.

What I was looking for when I joined was someplace I could go and be understood. Some place where problems in my life would not be referred to as God's plan or told to have faith. Maybe even a place to talk about why we feel and came to be this way.

I don't hate anyone (even though I use that word frequently, I don't think it's true). I respect the faith I see in others. I'm even a little jealous. I do get a little pissed off when someone tries to convert me, or tell me that I am wrong, but that is any person on any topic, not just faith and spirituality.

As a result I have left after almost two years. I am giving a few different atheist groups a try, I Left Fundamentalism Behind, Secular Support and I Believe in Knitting. Maybe somewhere I can find what I'm looking for. If not, maybe I'll just keep on loving everyone on my own.

I had no idea anything was this delicious.

I have discovered a breakfast food that I just adore.

On board the R/V Endeavor Steward Amanda makes a fantastic breakfast. And for 10am break every morning they bake muffins or scones. Amanda takes the day old baked goods and rewarms them on the grill every morning. OH MY GOD!

I love it. It not only warms them, it freshens them up and adds a tiny amount of crisp.

I might need to start cooking breakfast. But I would have to bake goods first. Yeah, neither of those are happening.


Meeting IRL

How many knit bloggers out there put off posting a new blog because they haven't uploaded any pictures yet? I know I can't be the only one. That and I have been on the road. I was only home for two weeks before I took off again for New England.

I went to Narragansett, RI to meet the R/V Endeavor and start setting up my next cruise. Then I took a weekend off and road the Amtrak to Jamaica Plains, Boston, MA and stayed with some of the coolest knitters on the planet, Jean and Rich and the beautiful family of kitties and puppy Logan (who is every bit as perfect as his Mommy and Daddy think he is). While I was there we met up with Aaron (the Artist behind NearandFarComic.com) and Melissa. It was a crazy non stop weekend of fun and meeting webfolk in real life which is a mind blower.

I always "knew" these were real people. With homes and puppies and webcomics. I've talked to Aaron on the phone several times. Exchanged emails with Melissa, Jean and Rich. Even exchanged packages. But meeting everyone in person feels a little surreal. I am so glad they let me stay with them. I had a fantastic time.

We toured the Sam Adams Brewery and I got a sick pleasure from knowing that I got toasted before most of the folks I knew were even out of bed on a Saturday morning. Took a "Duck" Tour of Boston and learned a little something. Ate dinner at a very nice place called Masa which features southwestern food. It was good. Lots of flavor. Too spicy for me, but I horded the cornbread, sucked down a mojito and a sangria and it all worked out.

Jean gave me a pair of handknit socks that didn't fit like they were supposed to. They fit me and I have been wearing them at sea. I am now solidly convinced that I want nothing but hand knit socks on my feet when I am wearing my steel-toed boots. Therefore, I need to start knitting socks. Damnit.

Jean, Melissa and I had participated in a swap and so we decided to open our swap gifts together at Masa. I got super cool Raveler benchley1 who knit me my very own GIR from Invader Zim (he has slept with me every night since) and a Brea Bag, lined with a leather handle in a beautiful green. Some Knit Picks Elegance in Grass was thrown in there to knit Convertible from knitty.com. It was also filled with all kinds of candy goodness from Mr. Willy Wonka, Dr. Suess Green Eggs and Ham pads, post-its and pencils a sweet coffee mug and juice glass. I can't wait to finish my baby blanket and get working on Convertible.

Speaking of baby blanket I am back at sea somewhere near Martha's vineyard and progress continues on the baby blanket I started last month. Since we headed out to sea we have had nothing but problems and I have not had the opportunity to knit much, but I get in a few rows before bed while I watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Hopefully pretty soon we will have found a rhythm and everything will be running and I can knit more and watch more BSG.

I should get back to work so I can get some stuff out of the way and get knitting.