I had no idea anything was this delicious.

I have discovered a breakfast food that I just adore.

On board the R/V Endeavor Steward Amanda makes a fantastic breakfast. And for 10am break every morning they bake muffins or scones. Amanda takes the day old baked goods and rewarms them on the grill every morning. OH MY GOD!

I love it. It not only warms them, it freshens them up and adds a tiny amount of crisp.

I might need to start cooking breakfast. But I would have to bake goods first. Yeah, neither of those are happening.


JJ said...

You should talk Amanda into making bread pudding with any leftovers of the day-olds!

Susan said...

Be honest, you were making those yummy cheddar and ham croissants for a small spell.

Trifarina said...

I'm so jealous. But I can't complain. I just bought a toaster and am in sesame bagel heaven.