I have been and done very exciting things. However, you are going to hear about my worms today.

Did I tell you my roommate and I got worms? For composting I mean. They are beautiful, productive little minions. Specifically they are red wrigglers. We bought a composter called The Worm Factory from a company called Cascade. What I liked about this was it was all self contained. Excess moisture drips into a collection tray in the bottom which leaches nutrients all the way down and makes a great quick fertilizer for my potted plants.

We are not the epitome of environmentally conscious and I have to admit that sometime a recyclable will end up in the regular trash. Particularly when the recyclables are full and I don't feel like going for a walk outside. However, you can't deny the earth friendliness of composting.

When we first got the little guys we made a huge mistake in feeding them. We gave them veggies that had turned. We discovered that it takes them a few days to acclimate to their new home and they didn't eat that first meal quickly enough to prevent flies. Due to that and our deathly fear of overfeeding which we were warned about repetitively we only fed them every other day and we fed them fresh food. However, as of this week we decided to start feeding them every day. And they are finally eating actual leftovers and kitchen scraps. Like they are supposed too!

They have multiplied and are consuming their dinner rapidly. It was very soft and moist soil so I lined a new tray with newspaper to prevent the soil from falling into the water collection tray, stirred it up to give it some oxygen and covered the top of it with the dead leaves that have fallen off my tomatoes, partially to control moisture, partially to keep flies down.

Seriously. Those tomatoes. What the hell? They look completely dead. No leaves and yet they are dropping phat lewtz. Um I mean they keep giving me tomatoes. I wish I could say the same about the cucumbers but those are probably just straight up dead.


Chia said...

Cool, worms!! My mother made her own worm composter, not nearly as neat (in both senses). I've been considering one myself, but haven't found a good size or shape for my apartment.

JJ said...

Yuck. I know composting is good for the environment, blah blah blah, but I think it's just kind of gross. Then again, I don't camp, and I don't garden. Despite my messy habits, I don't like actual dirt.

Still, good for you in doing what you're doing.

Susan said...

We will be eating fried tomatoes until kingdom come, but alas not cucumbers...I don't think so either.

Gotta love that our wormies are finally becoming regular wormies, instead of the bourgie attitude they have had all this time. lol