work work work

Who isn't busy right now? I mean c'mon. Work is getting in the way of my fun, but hey, I'm still getting stuff done.

Baby blanket and accessory nearly completed so pictures will be up soon-ish. I got socks on the needles as well and while I'm photographing blanket I'll get that done to.


I finished a painting for our living room to replace something that HAD to come down. It looks great. Photo shoot soon I swear it. I am starting a new series in self portraiture. I find I can recreate all my friends and family just fine, but when it comes to me, it NEVER comes out even close. I'm sure it is a problem with my perception of self. I probably focus on something as a flaw that isn't real, exaggerate it, then can't figure out what is wrong with the picture. I intend this to be either an exercise in learning to really see myself or some kind of bat crap crazy documentation of what I see.

Haven't started yet, but my creative juices have been flowing which is a big start. Yesterday, the daughter of a good friend got up close and personal with a marker which was documented for Facebook. The pictures of her are so fantastic. I mean she has recently woken from a nap and out of embarrassment was recently crying. She is a beautiful beautiful girl and her smile is fantastic, but something about her sad little eyes and the marker on her face got my fingers moving. I would love to paint it at some point, but here is the sketch as I left it last night.

Smoked Turkey Tail and Bean soup was heaven. I want some right now thinking about it. If you ever see smoked turkey tails, use them in a soup. Delish.

Everything Else
I have huge unprintable things happening on the horizon and while I am really excited, I'm also very stressed.

On Sunday I have my very first shift as a Birch Aquarium Volunteer. My Mom thinks I'm doing it for the 10% discount at the gift shop which doesn't hurt for sure, while others are programming PETA's emergency number in their phone for when I start petting starfish raw. I just love aquariums and there is nothing about spending a weekend morning/afternoon there that I have a problem with.

Plus, it will be nice to wear normal clothes and look nice on a more regular basis rather than dirty, oily, ripped up t-shirts and steel-toed boots. Sometimes I like to remind folks that I'm a girl and I'm pretty. So HA!


Susan said...

Photo-shoot! Photo-shoot!

Trifarina said...

When you say turkey tail, do you mean literally the "tail of a turkey" or is this a euphemism for something else? I'm confused. I didn't know there was any meat on turkey tails.

JJ said...

BWAHAHA! Welcome to the dark side of sock knitting!