Butternut Squash and Chicken soup

More yummy soup.

This week I made a butternut Squash and chicken soup and it came out fantastic. Reminder, my slow cooker is only about a quart and a half, so up or down size accordingly.

Butternut Squash
Bacon ends
Collard Greens
Shredded carrot
Chicken broth
Thyme sprigs

Starting with the squash I cut it into large cubes, a little over an inch and tossed it into the slow cooker. I had two large chicken breasts in the freezer which I partially thawed, then cut into large cubes like the squash. I didn't use all the chicken. I just used enough for one thin layer in pot over the squash. The rest I cooked for dinner that day (I make my soup overnight for the next day). I also had a large lump of bacon ends in the freezer for adding to soup and I just cut a good portion off, dice it up and throw it in the pot as well.

Chopped 1/2 an onion, threw in a handful (literally) of shredded carrot (I buy it in a bag, I've used it in several soup recipe's now and it is very handy). I used half of a bunch of collard greens. I thought I was buying Kale that's what a great chef I am. But it turned out to be great in the soup. I coarsely chopped the collards into 1.5" strips and tossed them in as well as 4 or 5 sprigs of thyme from my little herb garden, need to use them up. I used the rest of my chicken stock, probably 1.5 cups and added a little water.

Let cook overnight. Now this one is sweet thanks to the squash and went fantastic with cornbread muffins. you don't have to add the bacon if you don't want to and I honestly don't know what possessed me to throw it in. I think I understood collard greens to be cooked with ham usually and I do so love me the bacon.

I used the remainder of the collard greens with onion and bacon in a pan with the rest of the chicken dredged in bisquick for dinner for the curious.

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