I'm so Sorry!

It appears as if I never shared this photo with you! How did I fail so epically?

When I finally gave Lucie to my Mom, it was a perfect fit. And my mother ROCKS this sweater. Talk about a sexy Momma.

To the knitters out there, yes, the sleeves look a little long, but honestly, that was the whole point of the sweater. My mom has trouble finding sleeves that fit her long arms and never gets to wear sleeves that long. Voila! Knitting daughter to the rescue.


semi-crazy blonde girl said...

That is an adorable sweater! I especially like the long sleeves. Sweaters with long sleeves to pull your hands up into when they are cold are the best. :)

Susan said...

I've seen this one once before - I think....Not only does your Mother look AMAZING and beautiful, but your sweater really does fit her so well. Perfection!

Trifarina said...

That's your MOM!?! She looks like your sister and you tell her I said so!