Look what I found!

Earlier this year while on the USCGC Healy in the Bering Sea I patched up some gloves for my gal Jessica. I used the yarn I had on hand for Sylvi so that's the red part. It totally didn't go with the gloves but hey, they were wearable again.

Did I ever show you all the roving I bought for drop spinning? Turns out 2lbs is a lot. Since I made this purchase I learned a new rule of thumb, there are approximately 60 yards of single ply worsted in 1 ounce. Now I know. I have been absolutely loving this fiber though. It is from The Sheep Shed Studio and they sell Brown Sheep Mill Ends for 7.50/lb. How could you not buy two pounds?

The Great Alaskan Baby Blanket on the needles aboard the R/V Endeavor.

The Great Alaskan Baby Blanket nearing completion.

I added to this project another piece, but I really don't have a picture of that right now so hold tight.

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semi-crazy blonde girl said...

The blanket is amazing! Great colors. :)