What happened to me?!?

I sound so freaking old. Soup recipes. Spinning and knitting projects. I don't feel old. Except in the mornings when I roll out of bed. I keep up on video games, though my gaming idols are getting to be old men themselves at Penny Arcade. And I watch too many cartoons, though mostly Anime of late. I have a closet full of T-Shirts filled with video game references and nerd jokes.

I am now some kind of cross between a crafty old woman with cats and a 30 something bachelor gamer.

Oh well. I guess I can deal with it. But really? Not the person I thought I would become.

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JJ said...

Maybe not the person you thought you'd be, but not a bad person to be overall!

Don't worry - you will never be as pathetic as I am with all of my puppy posts. I am contemplating your soup recipes (they sound good), but we have a ginormous crock pot. If I make something, it will take us a month to finish.