Branson, Adam and All My Love

I decided to set the twist on some of my handspun this weekend and for your enjoyment, I finally took some pictures.

This young man was named Branson from a little while back. Two ply from Brown Sheep mill ends I purchased online from The Sheep Shed Studio. They cannot give me any information of content other than "wool". Doesn't bother me though, it is a great way to get a hold of cheap roving and I love Brown Sheep yarn so I'm happy with the quality.

Branson is followed by a skein I call Adam (yes I am sure someday I will stop naming individual skeins, but for now, they are my babies). Adam is a three ply made from the same roving that Branson was spun from. However, I Navajo plied it. I really am a dumbass. I mean I love the 3 ply BUT I wanted two matching skeins so they could be used together. I think it is pretty clear from the below photo that it will be impossible to use them interchangeably. The 3 ply is much chunkier. Oh well. The 3 ply will soon be working its way to my friend Krissy (writer of the fabulous Bus Stop Comic) who has been a crocheting fiend lately.
I am disappointed in it. I need to slow down during plying, especially Navajo plying, there are places that are more tightly twisted then others, but I will keep throwing yarn at Krissy until she has something high quality to work with.

While all of those are drying in my bathroom I started spinning up some mystery wool I purchased on Etsy.com hand dyed by craftypuppylover called All My Love. It varies from pink to fire engine red and looks to me exactly like Valentine's Day.

I don't have pictures but when I finished spinning up the All My Love I started on a purple roving I also bought from craftypuppylover called d'yer ma'ker. It is variegated dark purple, light purple and reds. I had toyed with the idea of plying the red and purple together but both colors are so saturated I just didn't like the sample I made so they will be individual skeins instead. Only four ounces and probably Navajo plied.

I am toying with the idea of making myself a large wooden swift like thing. I thought about a niddy noddy as I believe I mentioned but it would be much more useful if it would spin. I have an umbrella swift, but I am not happy with the way it attaches to a table.

These are the parts I am contemplating purchasing 4 lengths of wood (two shorter for base, two longer for arms), 4 dowels to hold the yarn at the end of the dowels, a bolt for the center and probably nylon washers to ease the rotation. Maybe a bearing if I am getting fancy.

I'll keep you posted on plans, costs and my building process. Who knows, maybe I can share a cheap solution, if it actually works out to be such.

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Anonymous said...

I totally love my table swift from knittingnotionsonline.com (which sounds like what you're going to make). Mine has a fifth dowel with a plastic washer rather than a bolt, though. I'm wondering if a metal bolt might eat into the wood over time? Also, the wood/wood contact (with the dowel as the rotation axis) provides just a little bit of friction, which keeps the swift from spinning faster than I can crank the ball-winder.

Good luck with your project!