I'm done shopping now, I swear.

Recent packages recieved, I'm done shopping now. I promise. Forgive the photos, from my cell phone and I need a new one.

First I have a new hooked flyer for my Fidelis spinning wheel from Heavenly Handspinning. The flyer that came with my used Fidelis had clips that you slid along the flyer to adjust where the yarn winds onto the bobbin, however the wood was getting deformed and only one side worked any more, the other side had the clip sliding with the slightest amount of tension. I did everything in my power (and you know I have a LOT of power) to make it stay and it worked for minutes at a time. Therefore an upgrade was necessary for a flyer with fixed hooks. I also bought some spare bobbins, because who can't use another bobbin and I wanted to ship together.
This is followed by some roving I bought from a de-stashing fellow Raveller. She had lots of pretty stuff, but I only bought blends that I felt it would be uncomfortable for me to create. I am not so great with the hand cards yet.

Fergus has been born. The Targhee that was dyed green is dry. And beautiful. Probably destined to be a green tam, hopefully in time for St Patrick's Day. Hence the name Fergus.  In other news, Special K's Buttony is off the blocking board.  I had several minor catastrophes all of which will be documented and then glossed over later.  I must attach my fasteners and it will be good to go.  I hope.

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Fergus McAwesomepants!