More Spinning

So I take back what I said about the Targhee top. I do love the yarn that is coming out of it, but moderate crimp is not the description for this. Of my limited wool experience it has very low crimp. That can be a problem when it breaks, which happens to me a lot. I have a really hard time getting the roving re-attached to the single on the bobbin. I'm getting frustrated quickly, but plodding along. It is just taking me much longer than previous singles have.

However, I have some yarn porn for you. The red roving I bought on
Both of the above were navajo plied which was a new technique to me and I really enjoyed it. It is a way to produce a 3ply yarn from just one single. It really is an amazing process. For those of you crocheters out there is it basically like making a giant crochet chain and twisting it together.

I have been spinning on a supported spindle as well. Largely because at the end of the day when I get ready to go to sleep I can spin in bed while I watch a little TV and spin as little or as much as I want. I am using wool I bought in Boise, ID at Fuzz. I really don't know what it is. The hand written tag says Kraemer but I have no idea what that means. No matter what, I love it.

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Trifarina said...

OMGWTFBBQ! That yarn is amazing! I am duly impressed.