Plying and Color Games

I finished spinning and plying my Targhee top last night. I had thought a two ply was what I wanted but there wasn't enough twist to get a yarn that I liked. I am beginning to think that I should always run my singles through the wheel a second time to add a little extra twist. That doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

So my swift is a piece of junk. As I wind it starts to collapse so each wrap is smaller than the last until loos wraps are falling off the bottom and tangling up. I'm pretty angry and decided I need to build one as mentioned before, or build a niddy noddy. I did find a substitute last night that worked out very well. It was the lid to one of my Rubbermaid bins.It worked out fantastic and gave me a nice long skein.
This picture was taken before going to sleep. It was plied and wrapped around the lid. It rest over night before I got to more fun stuff.
In the morning I thwacked it and decided to dye it. Now special thanks to Susan who pointed out to me (the painter in this house of all people) that just because I have yellow dye, doesn't mean I have to ever dye anything yellow.

While debating what color I wanted I mentioned that I have two different blues, two different reds, black and yellow. I hate the color yellow, I just did red yarn, I really have no use for black and blue is so cliche (not really, I just didn't know why I didn't want it). To which the ever intelligent Susan replied, "Don't you like green?"

"Why yes, I love green, but I don't have green..."

"Ah Ha! I have green!"

So I eyeballed it. A little blue, a little yellow, a little more blue, a little more yellow. But maybe I should have loosened the ties around my skein a little bit.
In an effort to correct this spotted tragedy I moved the ties and tried to over dye. It didn't come out perfect and even, but much more subtle anyway.
Lets not forget those three little sample skeins I made. I dyed them black last week to learn the process. A few notes, I had way way way too much dye in the pot. The water poured out with a lot of color in it still. The green however, was much clearer when I dumped it out. I think this means I had a better yarn to dye ratio. For those that are unfamiliar with the dye process, the clearer the water, the more color was taken up by the fiber and the less you have wasted. These are likely destined to become a potholder. Maybe with the brioche stitch. Who knows.


Susan said...

Woot, woot! Right on schedule for St. Patrick's day.

alice said...

The second dye job really came out quite nicely, I think! I've always been a fan of the kettle-dyed look and all that, so I might be slightly biassed :)

Btw, now that I have an internet connection, I'm blogging again!! It's still slow, working on getting back in the habbit, but it's a start!